Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Tales of Terror Crimson Dawn Walkthrough comes fully equipped and ready to help you combat what goes bump in the night in this spooky hidden object game. Filled with custom screenshots, marked clearly so you can see all the key items and locations you need to investigate, as well as detailed instructions on how you can save your brother, Jason, this Tales of Terror Walkthrough is a must have companion as you brave the terrors of the night.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapter Six

Author: Date: Oct-08-2012

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Amulet

  • Go upstairs and into the study to the right of the fireplace.
  • Enter the secret room behind the bookcase.
  • Place the four AMULET PIECES in the circular frame on the left.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Crypt

  • Exit the mansion and head all the way back down to the mill.
  • Then take the path to the left to return to the cemetery.
  • Zoom in on the crypt door and use the KEY to unlock it.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Crypt Interior

  • Enter inside, and note the puzzle at the back, as well as the HOA puzzle to play on the right.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Crypt Hidden Object Game

  • Find all the appropriate items in inventory.
  • When complete receive a SYMBOL to be used on the final puzzle.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Symbol Puzzle

  • Zoom in on the door in the background and place the SYMBOL in the frame to initiate the puzzle.
  • The solution is simple – to find the appropriate code to unlock it. If you turn a symbol, it lights up in red, and stays put, you’ve selected correctly.
  • If however you turn the wrong symbol, it will automatically turn back around – as well as cancel out the correct symbols you’ve already turned.
  • So basically you just work your way through all the symbols, noting which ones light up, and when you’ve located all of them you start afresh and simply click on those numbers.
  • The door will then open.
  • Note the screenshot for the solution.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Final Hidden Object Area

  • Walk through the doorway and open the wooden door to the left to reveal another HOA puzzle – the lucky last!
  • Retrieve all the items from the list below, and take the ROPE offered up at the end. Exit.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Templet

  • Attach the ROPE to the beam protruding on the right.
  • Climb down to the freaky vampire temple at the bottom (talk about oversized canines – the theme song down here must be ‘I am the walrus’) and open the drawer on the table.
  • Take the KNIFE inside.

Tales of Terror: Crimson Dawn Walkthrough: Ritual

  • Walk towards the left, where you’ll find a weird ritual playing out.
  • Use the KNIFE on the rope to the left, which will drop a chandelier on Kane.
  • Take the STAFF from the unconscious Kane on the floor and use it on the vortex. Phew!
  • The end of the world as we know it was THAT close!
  • You’ve saved us again – congrats!
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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