Mystery Case Files : 13th Skull : General Info and Tips

Our Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough will guide you through solving the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lawson with custom screenshots marking every location and detailed instructions. Journey deep into the heart of Louisiana and discover the truth of the curse of the pirate's treasure with our CGG Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

Thanks for joining us at the [b]Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b]. Here, you'll find everything you need to play this chilling hidden object adventure game. This walkthrough includes custom screenshots with all the items and locations marked for you, as well as detailed instructions on how to beat each and every section of the game. We hope you enjoy this exciting hidden object game! [b][i]Opening Story:[/i][/b] Shortly after moving into an aging and creepy mansion in the middle of the swamp in the heart of Louisiana, Sara Lawson is struck with tragedy when her husband mysteriously disappears. Magnolia, Sara’s daughter, believes her father was kidnapped by the ghost of a vengeful pirate seeking to protect his lost fortune from interlopers. Now, the locals are terrified of the pirate’s curse and refuse to offer you any kind of help. It's up to you now to use your skills as a Master Detective and locate the missing Marcus Lawson using our [b]Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b]. [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/13th-title-image.jpg[/gimg] [b][i]Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull Walkthrough General Tips:[/i][/b] [i]Objectives:[/i] This tab will tell you what you need to complete/find next. It is located in the bottom right hand of your screen above the inventory panel. [i]Inventory:[/i] A list of items you'll need to use throughout the game. You can find your inventory at the bottom of your screen. Simply place your cursor over the bottom area to make it appear. To scroll through your inventory, simply click on the arrows on the left and right of the box. [i]Hidden Object Areas:[/i] Since the objects are random, the only ones circled will be items that are placed in your inventory. Be careful not to click randomly on the hidden object scenes as you will be penalized and leaves will appear stopping your gameplay for a few seconds. It's a good idea to talk to everyone in the game until you have exhausted all conversations. Sometimes you can't proceed through the game until something is revealed in conversation. If you don't want to listen to the entire conversation, there is the option to skip the dialogue. Just place your mouse cursor over the character and click when you see the words skip dialogue. [i]Hints:[/i] These are unlimited, but must "fill up" between uses. To use the hint option, just click on the bottom right of your screen. [i]Inspecting: [/i]You can generally inspect multiple areas in a scene, but you can't necessarily do anything there until a later time. Thanks for visiting the [b]Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b]. Use the links above and below to navigate to the chapter you need help with.