Mystery Case Files : 13th Skull : Chapter 8: Momma Aimee and Voodoo

Our Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough will guide you through solving the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lawson with custom screenshots marking every location and detailed instructions. Journey deep into the heart of Louisiana and discover the truth of the curse of the pirate's treasure with our CGG Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

[b]Voodoo Shop[/b] 1. examine display case 2. place inventory items in case 3. talk to Momma Aimee – ask about Crown, skulls, and swamp 4. take sleeping potion 5. examine left display case – hidden object area 6. take charcoal 7. return to sitting room [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/VOODOO01.jpg[/gimg] [b]Sitting Room[/b] 1. talk to Mrs. Lawson – ask about foul play and hired help 2. return to front yard [b]Front Yard[/b] 1. talk to Lewis – ask about voodoo, graveyard, and keys 2. go up to side of house [b]Side of House[/b] 1. examine the bench – puzzle 2. take garden shears out of your inventory 3. clip the flowers 4. they will grow back 5. you need to clip them in a particular order 6. solution (highlight to see): purple, white, orange 7. you can skip this puzzle by clicking the hint button 8. return to front yard [b]Front Yard[/b] 1. talk to Lewis 2. return to shed [b]Shed[/b] 1. examine tin box on top shelf 2. take key 3. exit to foyer [b]Foyer[/b] 1. examine the painting again 2. look at the symbols in the corners 3. make a note of the symbols inside the larger symbols 4. make a note of which way each symbol is facing 5. exit to the graveyard path Congratulations on completing the [b]Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b] for Chapter 8: Momma Aimee and Voodoo. Please use the links above and below to navigate to the next chapter.