Mystery Case Files : 13th Skull : Chapter 10: Back to the Tavern

Our Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough will guide you through solving the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lawson with custom screenshots marking every location and detailed instructions. Journey deep into the heart of Louisiana and discover the truth of the curse of the pirate's treasure with our CGG Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

[b]Voodoo Shop[/b] 1. talk to Momma Aimee – ask about hoodoo and no suspects 2. give her the voodoo doll 3. return to tavern [b]Tavern[/b] 1. talk to bartender – ask about swamp and toilet 2. take key 3. go to tavern side [b]Tavern Side[/b] 1. use key to open cellar door 2. enter cellar [b]Tavern Cellar[/b] 1. take plunger 2. examine poster 3. place rubbing paper on wall 4. use charcoal on paper 5. examine chainsaw 6. exit to tavern office [b]Tavern Office[/b] 1. examine phone numbers on the clipboard 2. make note of Lamont's number 3. exit to tavern hallway [b]Tavern Hallway[/b] 1. place coin from coin purse in phone 2. dial Lamont's number 3. enter bathroom [b]Tavern Bathroom[/b] 1. use Lamont's instructions to unclog the toilet 2. flush four times, plunge three times, and flush five more times 3. return to the tavern [b]Tavern[/b] 1. talk to the bartender – ask about chainsaw 2. exit to service station [b]Service Station[/b] 1. examine gas pump 2. use gas can on pump 3. return to tavern cellar [b]Tavern Cellar[/b] 1. use gas can on chainsaw 2. take chainsaw 3. return to front yard [b]Front Yard[/b] 1. examine the fountain – puzzle 2. the object is to make the discs match the pattern you found in the tavern cellar 3. you can rotate the dials to move the circles 4. on the right side is a handle 5. pull the handle to move the circles to different dials 6. you can skip the puzzle by clicking the hint button 7. take the map pieces 8. return to the swamp and the shack side [b]Shack Side[/b] 1. examine inflatable boat 2. use bike pump on boat three times 3. use boat to cross the swamp 4. inspect the old cannon 5. return to shack side 6. examine the tree 7. use chainsaw on the tree 8. climb into the shack [b]Shack[/b] 1. examine wallet 2. examine folder 3. examine wigs 4. return to the tavern [b]Tavern[/b] 1. talk to Vinton – ask about ID's 2. return to sitting room [b]Sitting Room[/b] 1. examine the closed door 2. place the glass over the closed door 3. click to place the glass on the door 4. move the glass around until you can hear the conversation 5. return to the music room [b]Music Room[/b] 1. examine the piano 2. make note of the three symbols etched on the left side 3. make a note of the numbers etched on the keys 4. examine the side of the piano – puzzle 5. use the screwdriver to remove the screws 6. the object is to line up the rows to match the symbols on the piano 7. use the levers on the side and the buttons on the bottom to move the symbols 8. once solved a row of numbers will appear 9. the object is to press the numbers so they add up to one of the numbers on the piano keys 10. example: 7 = press keys 4, 1, & 2 11. exit out and examine the piano keys 12. notice there is a switch 13. move the switch down 14. go back to the side of the piano and depress the buttons 15. now press the correct buttons for another number 16. and so on and so forth until you receive the map pieces 17. you can skip this puzzle by clicking the hint button 18. return to the left hallway [b]Left Hallway[/b] 1. examine the picture of the boy and dog 2. make note of what's written on the paper 3. return to the den [b]Den[/b] 1. examine the computer 2. click the screen 3. enter the password you found behind the picture 4. read the e-mail 5. answer the phone and talk to Vinton 6. return to the swamp clearing [b]Swamp Clearing[/b] 1. listen to the Lawson's...or should I say the Blanston's? 2. return to the graveyard Congratulations on completing the [b]Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b] for Chapter 10: Back to the Tavern. Please use the links above and below to navigate to the next chapter.