Mystery Case Files : 13th Skull : Chapter 4: Lewis and the Attic

Our Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough will guide you through solving the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Lawson with custom screenshots marking every location and detailed instructions. Journey deep into the heart of Louisiana and discover the truth of the curse of the pirate's treasure with our CGG Mystery Case Files Walkthrough.

[b]Front Yard[/b] 1. talk to Lewis – ask about Mr. Lawson, map, and ghost 2. find work gear [b]Location of Work Gear[/b] 1. Sitting Room – Umbrella 2. Pantry – Gloves 3. Shed – Boots 4. Closet (downstairs) – Raincoat 5. Bathroom – Hat [b]Front Yard[/b] 1. examine wheelbarrow 2. place work items in wheelbarrow 3. talk to Lewis – ask about weird stuff 4. take "T" shape 5. return to shed [b]Shed[/b] 1. locate four spindles 2. find four nails [gimg]/mystery-case-files-13-skulls/images/SHED02.jpg[/gimg] [b]Location of Nails[/b] 1. Shed 2. Outside 3. barbeque grill 4. Pantry 5. cupboard 6. Wine Cellar 7. use hammer to pull nail out of banister [b]Shed[/b] 1. examine wooden stool 2. place spindles on stool 3. place nails on stool 4. use hammer on nails 5. take stool 6. return to stair top [b]Stair Top[/b] 1. examine boarded up doors 2. use hammer to remove boards 3. go outside to balcony [b]Balcony[/b] 1. place stool 2. go up into attic [b]Attic[/b] 1. examine dresser – hidden object area 2. take garden shears 3. examine the chest – puzzle 4. click the orange and blue buttons 5. solution (highlight to see): click orange, then blue, then orange, then blue and so on and so forth 6. you can skip this puzzle by clicking the hint button 7. take key 8. examine the machine – puzzle 9. the object is to swap all the blue pieces to the right and the orange to the left 10. you can skip the puzzle by clicking the hint button 11. return to the staircase [b]Staircase[/b] 1. examine the chandelier 2. take the "T" symbol 3. return to the attic [b]Attic[/b] 1. examine hole in floor 2. use rope on hole in floor 3. go down to study [b]Study[/b] 1. examine the book, portrait, and illustration (map) 2. return to the sitting room [b]Sitting Room[/b] 1. talk to Mrs. Lawson – ask about study and tavern 2. return to closet (downstairs) Congratulations on completing the [b]Mystery Case Files 13th Skull Walkthrough[/b] for Chapter 4: Lewis and the Attic. Please use the links above and below to navigate to the next chapter.