Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Sable Maze Norwich Caves Walkthrough will be your personal guide as you navigate the treacherous twists and turns found deep in the underground caverns beneath the university. Rely on our detailed instructions, custom screenshots, and simple puzzle solutions to help you locate the missing students and escape the labyrinth before the swiftly rising waters spell your doom.
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General Information & Tips

Author: Date: Sep-13-2013

Welcome to our Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Walkthrough, your personal guide to navigating the twists and turns of the labyrinth hidden under Norwich University. Depend on our detailed directions, our custom screenshots, and our easy-to-follow puzzle solutions in order to locate the missing college students before the waters in the caves rise up and drown them all. 

We hope you enjoy our Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Walkthrough!

Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Walkthrough: Title Screen

Opening Story: 

In Sable Maze: Norwich Caves, Professor Buildson and four of his college students have located the hidden caverns under the university. However, the professor has since been fired and you soon realize for good reason when his students become trapped in the labyrinth with flood waters swiftly rising. Now, it's up to you to brave the dangers of the caves to find the students and escape before you too become trapped in the labyrinth.

General Tips for Sable Maze: Norwich Caves

Difficulty Settings - There are three difficulty settings in this game, Casual, Advanced, and Hard. In Casual Mode, the hint and skip buttons charge quickly and there are interactive sparkles to indicate active areas. In Advanced Mode, the hint and skip buttons charge at a slower rate and there are no sparkles to indicate active areas. There are also penalties for rapid clicks. In Hard Mode, there are no sparkles and no hint or skip buttons. There are also penalties for rapid clicks.

Magnifying Glass - When your cursor turns into a magnifying glass, it means you can zoom in on an area to get a closer look.

Hand Cursor - When your cursor turns into a hand, it means you can pick up an item and add it to your inventory or interact with an object in some way.

Menu - The menu button is found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Hints - Hints are available throughout the game and can be found in the lower right corner to give you help when you need it. Click here if you're stuck. Just remember, these take time to charge before you can use it again.

Inventory - Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. Click the padlock to lock it in place.

Puzzles - During puzzles and mini-games, the skip button will let you skip the puzzle once it's fully charged.

Navigation Arrow - These will appear when you are able to move to another screen. Click on it to move.

Map - The map can be found in the lower left-hand corner. Click on an area to fast travel to it.

Hidden Object Scenes - Hidden object areas will sparkle. Items in white will require an extra step to find it.

And that's the basics for playing Sable Maze: Norwich Caves! Good luck! And we hope you enjoy our Sable Maze: Norwich Caves Walkthrough! Good luck!

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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