Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames: Chapter 7 Camp

Our Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough is bursting with helpful info, tips and vibrant screen shots to help you rid the world of evil of epic proportions!


  • Zoom into the scene.
  • Collect the seeing stone.





  • Locate the items.





  • Collect the pickaxe & hunting knife.
  • Collect the ballista bolt & fire flowers.
  • Use the hunting knife on the tent seams.
  • Use the hunting knife to open the box.
  • Collect the fire flowers.
  • Collect the pestle & sun stones.
  • Collect the ballista crank & pouches.
  • Look at the potion recipe – place the fire flowers & sun stone; crush it
  • Collect the explosive compound.
  • Place the explosive compound into the pouches.
  • Move to the Walls.





  • Use the pickaxe to collect the ballista bolt.
  • Move down once.





  • Place the ballista crank – bolts & explosive pouches to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by aiming the ballista toward the right tower.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Click the rock.
  • Collect the spear hook – use it to collect the sun emblem & insert it to trigger a hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Collect the crest half.





  • Select the spear hook to collect the crest half.
  • Move down once.





  • Place the crest half – collect the saw.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Select the saw to remove the bars.
  • Zoom into the Entryway.





  • A mini game will trigger
  • Solve the game by guiding Valeria through the sewer to resources.
  • Move ahead once.