Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames: Chapter 6 Snail

Our Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough is bursting with helpful info, tips and vibrant screen shots to help you rid the world of evil of epic proportions!


  • Click the scene.
  • Collect the sponge – collect the plate.
  • Zoom into the window.
  • Select the sponge – examine the symbols.
  • Arrange the shapes to match the symbols on the glass.
  • Collect the plate.
  • Click the door - speak to the man.
  • Collect the shovel.
  • Exit the close-up.




  • Use the shovel to collect the lamp plate & insert it to trigger a hidden object area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the plate.




  • Insert the plate to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the plates correctly.
  • Collect & break the cookie.
  • Collect & insert the portal key.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Click the sand – attempt to collect the gauntlet to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by rolling the dice correctly.
  • The solution is random.
  • Collect the gauntlet.
  • Collect the labyrinth map.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Collect the strong net.
  • Play the hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the rope.




  • Place the strong net & rocks – collect & use the saber.
  • Zoom into the Entryway.




  • Use the labyrinth map to guide you through the mini game.
  • Ahead - Left x 2 – Ahead x2 - collect the handle.
  • Down x2 – Right x3 – Ahead – use the handle.
  • Ahead – Collect the planks.
  • Down x 2 – Left – Place the planks.
  • Ahead – Left – Ahead – Right – Climb up.
  • Ahead – Left – Down – Left – Ahead – Collect the rocks.
  • Down – Right – Ahead – Right x 2 – Place the rocks.
  • Ahead – Left – Climb the ladder.
  • Collect the kite- click it to collect the gauntlet flower.




  • Use the kite.
  • Select the saber to collect the purifying spell.
  • Move down once.




  • Use the purifying spell to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by avoiding the purple spheres until the bar is filled.
  • The solution is random.
  • Click the sand – click the images; collect the gauntlet flower & place it along with the other into the gauntlet.
  • Attempt to collect the flower – use the gauntlet; collect the flower.
  • Move into the Portal and go into the House.




  • Collect the potion recipe.
  • Collect the emblem.
  • Collect the spoon & empty bottle.
  • Place the emblem- click the bag; collect the furnace handle & pestle.
  • Move down once.




  • Collect the mandrake root.
  • Use the bottle to collect the orchid tears.
  • Move into the House.




  • Attach the furnace handle.
  • Place the mandrake root into the oven.
  • Use the tongs to collect the baked mandrake.
  • Click the drawer & use the spoon to collect the ashes & place them, the orchid tears & baked mandrake into the pot.
  • Place the pot onto the burner – collect the growth potion.
  • Place the flower & the growth potion; collect the fully grown flower.
  • Place it into the mortar, use the pestle; collect the determination dust.
  • Move down once.




  • Use the determination dust.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Zoom into the scene.
  • Speak to your brother.
  • Collect the broken blade – click the plank; collect the bucket.
  • Collect the hammer handle.
  • Place the bucket- collect the door key.
  • Select the broken blade; collect the broom handle.
  • Insert the door key.




  • Collect the ladder.
  • Collect the heated metal bar using the tongs.
  • Insert the heated metal bar.
  • Repair the ladder using the metal bar- broom & hammer handles.
  • Place the ladder & move up.




  • Collect the tapestry piece & marbles.
  • Click the panel – collect the tapestry piece.
  • Move down once.




  • Place the marbles – select the green marbles to insert into the bird.
  • Collect the tapestry piece.
  • Move up.




  • Place the tapestry piece.
  • Examine the symbols.
  • Move down once.




  • Zoom into the shelf - a mini game will trigger.
  • Solve the game by clicking the symbols correctly.
  • A –D – C – B – E; collect the weight.
  • Move up.




  • Place the weight.
  • Collect the sheet & use the broken blade on it – click it 3x’s.
  • Place the makeshift rope to trigger a hidden objects area.







  • Find the items.






  • Find the symbols.




  • Give a hand.




  • Click the scene.