Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames: Chapter 3 Village

Our Dark Realm: Guardian of Flames Walkthrough is bursting with helpful info, tips and vibrant screen shots to help you rid the world of evil of epic proportions!


  • Collect the red algae & improvised lock pick.
  • Click the items aside – collect the firework keg.
  • Insert the improvised lock pick to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by moving the picks correctly.
  • B – C – A – C – Bx4 – C
  • Click the lids – collect the red algae.
  • Click the pages – collect the shipment label & place it on the correct box.
  • Click the lid & click the items aside – collect the flash dust.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Collect the red algae.
  • Move down once.




  • Use the hammer on the firework keg – collect the gun powder.
  • Select the oil can – place the red algae, gun powder and the flash dust.
  • Click the crank – collect the blinding explosive.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Place the goggles & the blinding explosive.
  • Toss the explosives.
  • Click & use the enchanted sword.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Collect the painting piece.
  • Collect the quill.
  • Collect the velvet bag & painting piece.
  • Select the quill and click the page.
  • Place the items – click the page.
  • Assemble the – collect the ring.
  • Click the pages – collect the painting piece.




  • Place the painting piece & spot the differences
  • Move up to the Altar.




  • Hide
  • Collect the skull.
  • Move down once.



  • Place the gold skull and the skull – collect the crossbow.
  • Move down once.




  • Click the velvet bag – collect the coins & insert them.
  • Click the hidden objects area.







  • Find the items.
  • Collect the crossbow.
  • Move to the Altar & go right.




  • Attach the bolt onto the crossbow & use the loaded crossbow.
  • Collect the medallion.