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Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Lonely Island, Salamander Village, Volcano

Author: Date: Aug-04-2015


Lonely Island
  • After giving Percy's wife the letter, return to Percy at Forbidden Coast
  • He tells you of a treasure buried on Lonely Island
  • Dig up treasure where the wood cross is in the same
  • Return to his wife in the slum
  • Examine watch tower
  • Hobson needs 180 fame, 5 bread, 5 meat, 2 health ptoions
  • Talk to him to continue
  • Later return with telescope; you need to go to the Wizard's Tower where you will need to collect
  • Rim of Duty, 8 sapphires, 4 leaf of friendship, 4 royal pearls
  • Talk to King and then repair the sapphire mine
  • Return to Wizard's Tower to repair the crown
Travel on to Black Isle
  • Need 2 sails, 4 ropes, 10 bread, 10 meat, 8 water, 5 healing potions


Crab soup
  • You can make crab soup with 1 crab, 2 eggs, 1 bowl
  • Wants Gold Armor
  • Triangle stone in water near crab soup lady
  • Another in front of chief
  • Round stone in cave near volcano
  • Last behind the guard (try picking it up)
  • Click on ruins (needs 2 stone balls and 2 stone triangles)
  • Enter ruins and kill 3 snakes
  • Pick up one treasure and open one locked chest
  • Repair elevator with 1 hammer, 1 oil, 4 strength and click
  • Need one torch to see
  • Click on 3 pedastals
  • Receive the Golden Armor and return to Cyprian
  • Speak with Chief. 
  • Need 200 fame, 2 treasures, 1 spear
Leaf of Friendship (last one)
  • Dig up Ancient Ruins 
  • Wants necklace (in the water at the stern of the ship)
  • Needs Imp's Horn
  • Go up
  • Fight imp
  • Need 2 mercenaries, sabre, shield, 1 water, 2 healing potions, 15 strength
  • Return imp horn and get last crown part


Imp's Horn
  • Fight the imp
  • 2 mercenaries, sabre, shield, water, 2 health potions, 15 strength
  • Enter cave, kill snake, and pick up stone ball
  • Kill imp to get a horn
  • Return to village

Hero of the Kingdom II Lonely Island



Hero of the Kingdom II Salamander Village



Hero of the Kingdom II Volcano



Hero of the Kingdom II Volcano Cave

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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