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Our Hero of the Kingdom II Walkthrough is loaded with helpful information and screen shots to guide you through the quest of a lifetime in this exciting adventure game including detailed information on where to find all your important quest items! Hurry, your sister needs you!
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Where to find...?

Author: Date: Aug-04-2015

Item Location Cost
Ale Square 5 gold
Arrow West Forest 2 gold
Axe Square 24 gold
Barrel Square 15 gold

Square (fishing village)

8 (9)gold

Bitter herbs (Use to make poison) Cemetery Basement 25 gold
Boards West Forest (2 wood; after upgrade 1 wood) 5 gold
Bow West Forest 70 gold
Bowl Square 8 gold
Bread (make) Mill (one flour for 5 bread) 0
Bread (buy) Mill 8 gold
Bread (sell) Square (later) 8 gold
Charcoal (sell) Mercenary Stronghold  32 gold
Clothing (buy) Cemetery (don't sell) 18 gold
Crab (sell) Fishing Village or Square 7 gold
Crab soup (make) Salamander Village   
Crab soup (sell) Square 30 gold
Dagger (buy) Mercenary Stronghold  60 gold
Dry Fly Fishing Village 1 gold
Edible mushroom (sell; don't need) Mill 3 gold
Egg (sell) Sell at mill; can buy at same price   3 gold
Egg (buy) Square 3 gold
Fish (sell) Fishing village & Square 6 gold
Fish (buy) Square 6 gold
Fishing Rod Fishing Village 20 gold
Flour (make) Mill (one grain to one flour) 5 gold
Grain Farm 5 gold
Gunpowder (make) City Docks (see below)  
Gunpowder (sell) Cemetery Basement 230 gold
Hammer Square & Farm 24 gold
Hay Farm F -5 gold
Healing berries (sell) Mill (but don't sell) 18 gold
Healing potion (buy) Square 45 gold
Healing potion (make) Castaway Beach 1 healing berries, 1 honey flower 0
Honey flowers Mill (but don't sell) 20 gold
Jewelry (sell all but 2) Cemetery Basement 75 gold
Juicy berries (sell) Square 14 gold
Knife (buy) Farm 18 gold
Lock pick Cemetery Basement 10 gold
Mace Mercenary Stronghold  95 gold
Magic mushroom (don't sell)    
Magic mushroom (buy) Cemetery Basement  
Magic potion (buy) Church 35 gold
Magic potion (make) Church Basement (3 magic mushrooms) 5 gold
Magic potion (sell after zombies) Church Basement 30 gold
Meat (sell; only 1 gold more to buy) Square 13 gold
Mercenary Mercenary Stronghold  100 gold
Nails Square 12 gold
Oil City Docks 22 gold
Pearl (sell; don't need) Square 65 gold
Pick Square 30 gold
Poison (make) West Forest 1 bitter herbs , 2 poison mushrooms 5 gold
Poison (sell) Cemetery & Church Basements 50 gold
Poison (buy) West Forest 55 gold
Poisonous mushroom (sell) Mill (but make poison instead) 1 gold
Rope Fishing village (square) 9 (10) gold
Rum Square 6 gold
Sabre Mercenary Stronghold  85 gold
Sack Square (Farm) 7 (8) gold
Sails Cemetery 60 gold
Sapphire DON'T SELL    78 gold
Saw Square (farm) 20 (24) gold
Shell (sell; don't need) Square 25 gold
Shield Mercenary Stronghold  70 gold
Shovel Square  28 gold
Sickle Square (Farm) 18 (21) gold
Snake fang (sell; don't need) West Forest 20 gold
Spear Mercenary Stronghold  100 gold
Spider venom (sell; don't need) West Forest 45 gold
Sulfur City Docks 85 gold
Sun solution Square 70 gold
Torch  Farm (Square)  14 (18) gold
Treasure (sell; don't need) Square 120 gold
Wood West Forest (after upgrade) 20 (17) gold
Wolf Skin (sell; don't need) Cemetery Basement 60 gold

Money - where do I get money?

Sell the following

  • Treasure
  • Wolf Skin
  • Spider venom
  • Snake fang
  • Shells
  • Meat (only costs 1 more gold to buy back)
  • Edible mushrooms
  • Juicy berries
  • Jewelry (sell all but 2)

Make & sell the following

  • Bread - buy grain (30 gold), make flour (5 gold), make bread (5 bread), sell bread (40 gold) for 1 gold per bread profit
  • Charcoal - buy wood (17 gold after upgrade; 20 gold before), make charcoal (10 gold), sell charcoal (32 gold) for 5 gold profit after woodcutter upgrade and 2 gold profit before upgrade
  • Poison - make poison with 1 bitter herbs (8 gold for basket or 25 gold ), 2 poisonous mushrooms, 5 gold and sell for 50 gold.  You only need a total of 3 for game.  You can make and sell over 20.
  • Crab soup - Make with 1 crab, 2 eggs, and 1 bowl (8 gold), sell to man in square for 30 gold
  • Gun powder - Make with 1 barrel (15 gold), 1 sulfur (85 gold) , 1 charcoal 27 gold), 3 manure (1 sack-7 gold + 3 gold), 25 gold and sell for 230 gold (for a 48 gold profit)
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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