Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough will walk you through all 50 levels of this intense time management game. Help Jill and Mike win the contest that will launch their gardening business onto a global scale by using our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve expert times for each and every level of this amazingly entertaining game.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapters 21 - 30

Author: Date: May-05-2014

Chapter 21

  1. Upgrade truck
  2. Upgrade wood shack
  3. Grab tools
  4. Upgrade truck again
  5. Upgrade wood shack again
  6. Clear weeds in water
  7. Build bridges at bottom
  8. Upgrade tool shack
  9. Build switchable shack for stone
  10. Build far middle boat house
  11. Build seed shack
  12. Build bridges left and right
  13. Build storage shed
  14. Clear to security shack
  15. Do not remove obstacles past here until you finish the other flowers
  16. Upgrade seed shack twice
  17. Build both boat houses and clear to flower beds (plant a row of 3 in the same colors for stripes)
  18. Plant on island beds first 
  19. Plant bottom flower beds
  20. Build security shack and clear in directions
  21. Build top bridge and open chest
  22. Build bottom left bridge and get coins
  23. Plant last flowers to finish

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 21



Chapter 22

  1. Collect resources
  2. Build steps up to altar and rescue worker
  3. Clear to 3rd worker
  4. Clear to left 2 levers
  5. Build steps up and access chest
  6. Build last steps to wood piles
  7. Clear to top right lever and gate

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 22



Chapter 23

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Clear in both directions
  4. Collect tools and open hidden chest
  5. Upgrade truck
  6. Build exchange on left for stone (use once; it will probably get knocked down)
  7. Build security shack
  8. Chop some stumps on the road for wood
  9. Upgrade tool shack fully
  10. Clear to wood shack
  11. Upgrade wood shack twice
  12. Build storage
  13. Clear to altar; I didn't build it but...
  14. Build right exchange for seeds
  15. Plant flowers; all one color works

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 23



Chapter 24

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Build steps
  4. Build next switch shack for tools
  5. Clear to lever and open
  6. Build stairs down
  7. Upgrade wood shack
  8. Flip next lever
  9. Upgrade truck
  10. Flip next lever
  11. Switch to stone
  12. Upgrade wood shack again
  13. Clear roads
  14. Build next steps
  15. Build hunter shack to drive ravens away.
  16. Build tool shack and upgrade
  17. Switch to seeds
  18. Build water shack
  19. Flip next lever at the top
  20. Clear to and plant flowers (different in each bed)
  21. Build pump and water
  22. With 20 stone on hand switch back to tools
  23. Clear to bottom lever and coins
  24. Plant the rest of flowers
  25. When done planting switch from seeds to wood
  26. Build the pond
  27. Repair all fence arts
  28. Build the pagoda

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 24



Chapter 25

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Clear in both directions
  4. Build exchange shack and trade for wood
  5. Upgrade truck again
  6. Upgrade tool shack
  7. Upgrade stone shack
  8. Build boat shack
  9. Clear water
  10. Build upper boat shack
  11. Flip lever and clear to coins
  12. Build bottom boat shack
  13. Clear to silver lever and flip
  14. Build bridge
  15. Build hunter shack
  16. Build water shack
  17. Plant same color plants in rows
  18. Build pump and water plant
  19. Clear into cemetery
  20. Build seed shack and upgrade twice
  21. Build exchange shack and exchange stone for tools
  22. Repair all roads and clear ravens
  23. Plant flowers in rows of same color
  24. Repair lamps

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 25



Chapter 26

  1. Upgrade truck
  2. Build steps up
  3. Upgrade truck again
  4. Build security shack
  5. Build seed shack
  6. Open chest
  7. Switch both shacks from tools to wood and stone
  8. Build steps down
  9. Upgrade seed shack twice
  10. Build boat shack and clear all obstacles in the water
  11. Switch back to tools (both)
  12. Build boat shack and then hunter shack
  13. Build other boat shacks and clear obstacles and ravens
  14. Switch one shack to wood
  15. Clear down track
  16. Build seed shack and upgrade twice
  17. Switch to stone
  18. Build 3rd seed shack and upgrade twice

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 26



Chapter 27

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Upgrade wood shack
  4. Upgrade truck again
  5. Upgrade tool shack twice to level 3.
  6. Build security shack before clearing the paths (hold off on clearing top right path until the end)
  7. Build and upgrade rock shack.
  8. Build seed shack and upgrade twice
  9. Build water shack
  10. Clear to all square boxes and plant flowers and start watering (one of each flower for bonus).
  11. Open hidden chest
  12. Plant small flowers
  13. Clear to coins
  14. Fix bushes and stop collecting seeds
  15. Fix benches and lamps

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 27



Chapter  28

  1. Collect tools off large circle
  2. Remove 2 rocks
  3. Collect tools on right
  4. Access all 4 levers and flip each one
  5. Collect gold cons
  6. Clear to flag

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 28



Chapter 29

  1. Access tool shack
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Access wood and stone shack
  4. Upgrade tool shack
  5. Upgrade wood shack and stone shack twice
  6. Upgrade tool shack again
  7. Upgrade truck again
  8. Clear up to seed exchange shack and build
  9. Build demolition shack
  10. Make TNT
  11. Clear to water shack and then lower square beds
  12. Build water shack
  13. Plant bottom 3 beds in one color
  14. Upgrade water shack
  15. Clear to upper beds and pump.
  16. Plant top flowers in the other color
  17. Clear up to the coins
  18. Chest is behind tool shack

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 29



Chapter 30

  1. Starting with 2 workers
  2. Trade for lots of wood
  3. Upgrade tool shack
  4. Upgrade seed shack .
  5. Upgrade truck
  6. Build steps and remove large rock
  7. Upgrade truck again (4 workers now).
  8. Clear to TNT pit and demolition shack
  9. Upgrade tool shack again
  10. Built demolition shack and switchable shack for stone
  11. Clear down to rock shack.
  12. Build rock shack and upgrade twice.
  13. Plant flowers use the same for each type of bed.
  14. Finish clearing and repair the train tracks
  15. Open chest
  16. Finish planting

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 30

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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