Gardens Inc. 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Gardens Inc 2: The Road to Fame Walkthrough will walk you through all 50 levels of this intense time management game. Help Jill and Mike win the contest that will launch their gardening business onto a global scale by using our step-by-step instructions on how to achieve expert times for each and every level of this amazingly entertaining game.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapters 11 - 20

Author: Date: May-05-2014

Chapter 11

  1. Collect tools
  2. Clear to 2nd worker
  3. Need 6 tools and 6 wood to clear to chest (but there are only 5 coins worth total of 2500 in it)

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 11



Chapter 12

  1. Build exchange shack
  2. Trade stone for tools
  3. Upgrade truck
  4. Clear to stone shack and ignore scorpions
  5. Upgrade stone shack
  6. Upgrade truck again
  7. Build pier
  8. Collect some wood from the water
  9. Build hunter shack
  10. Keep collecting wood (all in water)
  11. Build left bridge and collect stone
  12. Build seed shack
  13. Upgrade pier
  14. Build exchange outpost
  15. Upgrade seeds
  16. Build storage shack
  17. Upgrade pier
  18. Clear to all plots on left
  19. Start planting in pairs (each pair a different plant)
  20. Clear up to the chest on the right and coins while planting and clearing on the left
  21. Collect all coins at once

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 12



Chapter 13

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Clear to tool shack and build
  4. Upgrade truck again
  5. Switch to stone and build steps down
  6. Ignore the scorpions and access supplies through gate
  7. Switch to wood at switchable shack
  8. Upgrade tool shack
  9. Clear to hunter shack and build
  10. Clear to seed shack and build
  11. Clear scorpions
  12. Open chest behind saucer
  13. Upgrade seed shack
  14. Upgrade tool shack
  15. Build steps down on left
  16. Switch to stone
  17. Build pier and upgrade
  18. Clear water weeds
  19. Build water shack
  20. Switch to tools
  21. Plant and water flowers (plant one of each)
  22. Plant flowers on right side

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 13



Chapter 14

  1. Clear to switchable shack
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Fill water in truck and keep all water tanks full; it doesn't cost anything
  4. Upgrade truck again
  5. Build stone shack and upgrade
  6. Collect tools
  7. Clear large rock
  8. Build steps up and access wood shack
  9. Upgrade wood shack
  10. Collect wood and tools
  11. Build bottom steps to tool shack
  12. Repair tool shack and upgrade
  13. Upgrade water shack
  14. Repair shed
  15. Build steps to exchange post
  16. Upgrade tool shack
  17. Build exchange post and exchange for seeds
  18. Plant trees and water (Plant 1 of one color, 2 of another, 3 of the last)
  19. Clear to top well
  20. Repair 2 wells 15 tools, 15 wood, 25 stone 3 workers

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 14



Level 15

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade truck
  3. Upgrade tool shack
  4. Collect stones and wood
  5. Build water shack and fill up truck
  6. Upgrade truck again
  7. Build exchange shack
  8. Build bridge at bottom
  9. Trade for stone
  10. Build switch shack for wood; when you get ahead on the wood, switch to tools
  11. Upgrade tool shack again
  12. Build stair up to seed exchange shack
  13. Use speed production bonus
  14. Collect wood from the road
  15. Build exchange shack
  16. Upgrade water shack
  17. Repair road to next stairs
  18. Build stairs up and clear road
  19. Build bridge to coins and collect
  20. Clear to water pump and repair
  21. Start planting trees at the top
  22. Clear to sundial
  23. Water each tree 3 times
  24. Plant flowers at bottom left beds and water when done with trees
  25. Repair the sundial
  26. Plant last 4 flowers in the round beds

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 15



Level 16

  1. Collect tools
  2. Upgrade the truck twice
  3. Pick up water bottles as needed
  4. Clear around top
  5. Build the exchange shack and exchange for stone
  6. Repair outside road in both directions
  7. Build seed shack
  8. Upgrade wood shack
  9. Upgrade tool shack
  10. Upgrade seed shack
  11. Build water shack
  12. Upgrade tool shack again
  13. Upgrade seed shack again
  14. Build water pump near truck
  15. Clear the bottom outside section and build water pumps
  16. Plant trees in the corners and start watering (use the same color)
  17. Upgrade water shack
  18. Start clear into the center when outside clear
  19. Plant on the inside and water
  20. Collect stone for cannon
  21. Build cannon

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 16



Level 17

  1. You can stop yourself by clicking on ground
  2. Pick up tools and stone near bottom
  3. Pick up tools at top right.
  4. Pick up 2 rocks
  5. Build steps up and collect all wood
  6. Build 2 bridges
  7. Clear to coins and collect
  8. Capture the flag

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 18



Level 18

  1. Upgrade truck
  2. Clear to wood shack and repair
  3. Upgrade truck again
  4. Clear down center
  5. Upgrade tool shack twice
  6. Upgrade wood shack
  7. Build seed shack and upgrade
  8. Build altar (use) put out fire in altar when lit
  9. Clear to water shack and past
  10. Upgrade wood shack and seed shack again
  11. Build water shack and upgrade
  12. Plant in center and water trees (same color)
  13. Finish clearing and repair all decorations

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 18



Level 19

  1. Upgrade truck
  2. Build switchable shack with stone
  3. Access lever on left
  4. Upgrade tool shack
  5. Build altar
  6. Upgrade truck again
  7. Build rock shack and upgrade
  8. Upgrade truck again
  9. Switch to wood
  10. Clear down road
  11. Upgrade rock shack again
  12. Upgrade tool shack again
  13. Clear to right lever and water shack
  14. Build water shack
  15. Build water pumps
  16. Clear to seed exchange and build
  17. Build steps up to square beds and plant trees (plant one color on one side and the other on the other side)
  18. Upgrade water shack
  19. Collect coins and open chest
  20. Clear up to round beds
  21. Repair the benches, lamps, and fence

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 19



Level 20

  1. Upgrade truck
  2. Clear in both directions
  3. Clear to left lever
  4. Collect stone
  5. Build switchable shack for stone
  6. Upgrade truck
  7. Clear to left most lever
  8. Clear to water shack and build
  9. Clear to lower lever
  10. Pick up wood
  11. Plant trees and water
  12. Clear to lever in center and then next one
  13. Build switchable shack for seeds
  14. Build 2 fountains and repair sphere bushes
  15. Finish planting and water
  16. Open chest

Gardens Inc 2 Walkthrough Chapter 20

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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