Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen: Chapter Five: The Hut

Our Lost Lands The Four Horsemen Walkthrough will provide the backup you're going to need as you attempt to track down and face these nefarious horsemen who are searching for the key that will allow them to control parallel worlds! As the champion of the Lost Lands, it's up to you to face these dangerous men! Good thing you have our custom marked screenshots, detailed gaming instructions, and simple puzzle solutions to help you out along the way!

Werewolf Talk

  • Speak to the werewolf.
  • Collect the wool.
  • Collect the scoop and read the recipe.
  • Click the oven door and zoom into it.
  • Click the wall area to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by rotating the discs as shown on the oven door.
  • Click the cupboard; collect the medallion.
  • Move to the Dwarf Temple.



  • Insert and click the medallion.
  • Click the armor; collect the medallion.
  • Move to the Mines.



  • Insert the key.
  • Move into the Fire’s Dwelling.


Dwarf Fig

  • Collect the dwarf figurine.
  • Move to the Dwarf Cemetery.



  • Insert the medallion into the statue.
  • Collect the urn of ashes.
  • Move ahead.



  • Click the lid and insert the scoop; collect saucepan of boiling liquid and use it to defrost the statue.
  • Insert the horn to collect the puzzle.
  • Move to the left.



  • Place the basket down and click the berries.
  • Collect the basket of berries.
  • Place the basket of berries and the bubbles into the presser; crush the berries.
  • Select the sack of ashes and the urn of ashes to pour into the bottle; click the bottle closed and collect the turning potion.
  • Move to the Fire’s Dwelling.



  • Zoom into the throne.
  • Insert the puzzle to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the pieces correctly.
  • Collect the moon dust.
  • Move to Maaron’s Cottage.



  • Place the dwarf figurine onto the shelf.
  • Move to the Werewolf’s Hut.



  • Select the turning potion to use on the werewolf; collect the key and use it to open the trapdoor.
  • Move upstairs and click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Collect the lantern.



  • Collect the brush.
  • Collect the latching mechanism gear.
  • Click the compartment and select the brush to push the debris.
  • Click the blanket; collect the lantern potion recipe.
  • Click the weight and collect the vial.
  • Move down once.


Stone Flower

  • Click the debris; collect the stone flower.
  • Move down once.



  • Attach and click the latching mechanism gear.
  • Collect the lever.
  • Move ahead.



  • Attach and click the lever.
  • Move down once and to the right; click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the items.
  • Collect the weight.


Stone Fire

  • Collect the stone of fire.
  • Read the note.
  • Hang the lantern and insert the wool.
  • Move to the Halfling Settlement.



  • Attach the weight; collect the handle.
  • Move to Maaron’s Cottage.


Lantern Potion

  • Zoom into the mantle and place the lantern potion recipe and the vial down.
  • Prepare the potion based on the diagram.
  • Move to the Upper Corridor.



  • Insert the stone flower.
  • Collect the flask and the glass pipe.
  • Move to the Forsaken Sea.



  • Select the glass pipe and the flask to collect the cactus juice.
  • Move to the Fire’s Dwelling.


Stone fire 2

  • Insert the stone of fire.
  • Move to Maaron’s Cottage.



  • Select the cactus juice to complete the recipe; collect the lantern potion.
  • Move to the Swamps.



  • Select the lantern potion to light the lantern.
  • Move ahead.



  • Collect the alcohol soaked cloth.
  • Zoom into the mirror; notice the symbols.
  • Enter the code correctly; collect the precious stone.
  • Select the hammer to strike the cannon; collect the cork.