Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Walkthrough & Cheats

Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club Walkthrough takes you on an exciting journey through this charming hidden object adventure game. With custom screenshots, video solutions to puzzles, and detailed instructions for each chapter, you'll have no problem completing Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapter 7

Author: Date: Jun-05-2012


  • Locate hidden objects to complete WRENCH and begin to assemble PLIERS, EXTENSION CORD, KNIFE and CLOCK WEIGHT.

  • Move the vacuum to find a hidden piece.

  • Click on the glass display case to the right of the doorway to get a hidden piece and watch the news.

  • Open the bottom cabinets in the display case get hidden pieces.

  • Use the WRENCH on each of the bolts on the bomb and then click to open.

  • Take the hidden piece from inside the bomb.

  • Click on the lamp cord on the lamp above the couch on the right to turn on the lights.


  • Locate hidden objects to continue to assemble PLIERS, EXTENSION CORD, KNIFE and CLOCK WEIGHT.

  • Use the KNIFE on the cheese and give the slice of cheese to the mouse in the hole under the mirror.

  • Take the hidden piece from the mouse.

  • Click on the cards on the table and note their suit and how many are on each card.

  • Go through the mirror.


  • Locate hidden objects to complete FEATHER DUSTER and begin to assemble BLOWTORCH, TOKENS, CROWBAR and CHRISTMAS LIGHT.

  • Use the FEATHER DUSTER to remove the cobwebs around the room and reveal two hidden pieces.

  • Light the BLOWTORCH on the candle above the couch.

  • Use the BURNING BLOWTORCH on the ice and take the hidden piece and the RADIO DIAL.

  • Place the missing CHRISTMAS LIGHT in the empty socket on the cord on the table.

  • Click on the cabinet in the corner and take the hidden piece.

  • Turn on the vacuum and take the hidden piece.

  • Place the TOKENS in the slot machine, pull the handle and take the hidden piece that appears.

  • Click on the cards and notice the suit and numbers of each.

  • Place the RADIO DIAL on the radio in the cabinet in the corner.

  • Go back through the mirror.


  • Open the suitcase on the table and enter the number of diamonds, spades, clubs and hearts from the cards to open the lock.

  • Notice the message with the weights listed inside the suitcase and remember that the fairy weighs 190 pounds.

  • Plug the EXTENSION CORD into the outlet to the right of the doorway.

  • Pick up the plugged in EXTENSION CORD and click on the doorway to place it outside.

  • Click the lever to the left of the door so that it is facing up.

  • Go out the door.


  • Locate hidden objects to complete SAW and begin to assemble MOP, MAGIFYING GLASS, SECOND REEL and WATERING CAN.

  • Plug the projector in to the extension cord.

  • Use the SAW on the ladder on the side of the building and take the hidden piece.

  • Click on the ladder leaning against the wall to form a bridge.

  • Turn the water faucet on by turning the red lever to the right of the door and use the water on the MOP to get a WET MOP.

  • Cross the ladder bridge and use the WET MOP on the dirty billboard to reveal 2 hidden pieces.

  • Make a note of the radio station number on the billboard.

  • Fill the WATERING CAN with water to get WATERING CAN WITH WATER.

  • Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS on the projector.

  • Use the WATERING CAN WITH WATER on the wilted flower to the left of the doorway and take the hidden piece.

  • Use the SECOND REEL on the projector and watch the movie. Notice the two, 3 digit numbers.

  • Go inside and back through the mirror.


  • Set the radio to the station that was listed on the billboard by clicking and rotating the dial clockwise and take the hidden piece.

  • Use the CROWBAR on the loose floorboard near the couch.

  • Click on the paper under the floorboard and take note of the 3 digit number.

  • Go back through the mirror.


  • Take the piece from the hole in the floor.

  • Hang the CLOCK WEIGHT on the grandfather clock and take the hidden piece on the floor.

  • Click on the bomb and use the PLIERS and cut the wires.

  • Go through the opening in the wall.


  • Locate all the hidden pieces to complete HAMMER and begin to assemble GLOVES, KEY, STETHOSCOPE and WEIGHTS.

  • Use the HAMMER on the alarm panel and take the hidden piece.

  • Using the GLOVES, rotate the circuits to light up the two green lights. See screenshot for solution.


  • Click on the safe on the right and enter one of the 3 digit numbers listed in the corners of the screen (these are the 3 digit numbers found in the movie and under the floorboard). Slide the glass panel over a number to change it using the keys below. When the correct 3 digit number is entered, the safe will open by clicking on the lever.

  • Repeat the process on the two safes on the ground using the remaining numbers. One safe contains a hidden piece and one the CROSSHEAD KEY

  • Use the CROSSHEAD KEY and the KEY on the center of the safe door and take the hidden piece.

  • Place the STETHOSCOPE on the safe and rotate the dial clockwise by clicking and holding the red arrow. When you hear a beep and the green light to the right lights up, release the mouse. If the dial is on the correct number one of the lights to the left with light. Change direction and repeat until all 5 lights are lit.

  • When the safe opens, take the hidden piece.


  • To remove the FAIRY, you must replace with an equal amount of weight (190 pounds).

  • Click on the scale you found in safe to the right and use 1st, 3rd, and 4th weight from the left to get 190 pounds.

  • Take the 190 POUNDS OF WEIGHT and click on the FAIRY in the safe room.

  • Exit to the right and go through the mirror.

  • Use the FAIRY on the padlock and go through the passage on the left of the mirror.

  • The elusive Snark has escaped, but congratulations! You’ve completed Snark Busters: Welcome to the Club!

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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