Roads of Rome: New Generation Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Roads of Rome New Generation Walkthrough will be a huge asset to you as you venture forth with Marcus Victorious in his quest to return the Roman Empire to its previous age of glory. Our Roads of Rome Walkthrough includes solutions for all game levels as well as the locations of secrets in this exciting time management game!
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Episode 1

Author: Date: Jan-22-2016

Locatons for all secrets - level walkthrough in progress.

Episode 1 Level 1




Episode 1 Level 2

Hard mode:  1:25 (1:15 achevable with no secrets)
Normal mode: 1:59 (1:42 achievable with secrets)

  1. Pick berries (right, left, top)
  2. Pick up boards
  3. Remove fallen tree
  4. Pick berries (right, left, [top])
  5. [Collect secret in boat]
  6. [Chop down tree next to tent and collect secret]
  7. Build bridge, fill flood, build bridge, fill flood without waiting


Episode 1 Level 3


Episode 1 Level 4


Episode 1 Level 5


Episode 1 Level 6


Episode 1 Level 7


Episode 1 Level 8


Episode 1 Level 9


Episode 1- Level 10

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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