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Consult our Northern Tale 2 Walkthrough when you find yourself stumped by one of the many challenging levels found in this fast-paced time management game. Use our detailed instructions paired with video solutions to each and every level to help guide you to that coveted three-star rating as you help Ragnar defeat the evil witch Gesta once more.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Levels 11 to 20

Author: Date: Nov-21-2013

Level 11

  1. Upgrade camp
  2. Clear to stumps (there is one past the waterfall)
  3. Go fishing
  4. Remove huge stone block
  5. Clear to workshop and build
  6. Upgrade workshop
  7. Go fishing
  8. Upgrade workshop again
  9. Use renewable stump bonus throughout
  10. Build druid's tent
  11. Remove the lizard man and build warehouse
  12. Clear up the road and remove boar
  13. Build ladder on left
  14. Clear to gold shaft and build
  15. Upgrade camp
  16. Remove evil flower
  17. Build bridge
  18. Clear to merchant
  19. Upgrade gold shaft
  20. Clear to gold stump
  21. Clear lizard man in front of cave
  22. Remove the cave block
  23. Trade stone for food
  24. Clear to both evil flowers and destroy



Level 12

  1. Upgrade the camp
  2. Clear both directions
  3. Clear up to workshop and build
  4. Upgrade workshop twice (don't repair road yet)
  5. Use x2 bonus
  6. Build warehouse
  7. Build druid's tent
  8. Remove evil flower
  9. Clear boar blocking the farm and build
  10. Access ore stump
  11. Build gold shaft
  12. Remove lizard man blocking ladder up to top area
  13. Upgrade gold shaft
  14. Upgrade farm
  15. Build bridge
  16. Upgrade the camp
  17. Remove evil flower
  18. Upgrade farm
  19. Clear to evil root (don't need to remove stone) and remove
  20. Remove huge rock and destroy evil root



Level 13  

  1. Upgrade camp
  2. Clear in both directions
  3. Build druid's tent
  4. Remove lizard man blocking the workshop and build
  5. Upgrade the workshop
  6. Remove lizard man blocking warehouse
  7. Freeze time bonus
  8. Upgrade the workshop again
  9. Build the farm
  10. Remove lizard man up the road
  11. Build the warehouse
  12. Upgrade the farm
  13. Start clearing around the top
  14. Build the ladder
  15. Upgrade the camp
  16. Start using run bonus
  17. Remove lizard men on path
  18. Upgrade the farm again
  19. Clear to gold stump at bottom right
  20. Build bridge to gold stump
  21. Build gold mine and collect gold
  22. Remove big rock and clear gold stump
  23. Remove lizard men and build bridges to evil roots
  24. Clear  to the center evil root
  25. Clear to right evil root



Level 14

  1. Use random resource bonus twice and then speed
  2. Upgrade the camp
  3. Clear to the ore and food stumps on the right
  4. Build workshop and fish
  5. Upgrade workshop
  6. Get some gold on the right side
  7. Pay forester
  8. Clear to the ore stump and then down the road for resources
  9. Upgrade workshop again
  10. Build druid's tent
  11. Grab the gold on the road to the left of the big rock (which you will not be removing)
  12. Clear evil flower for gold
  13. Build gold shaft
  14. Remove lizard man blocking the farm
  15. Build farm
  16. Upgrade gold shaft
  17. Upgrade farm
  18. Remove the lizard man blocking the warehouse
  19. Build warehouse
  20. Upgrade camp
  21. Remove lizard man blocking bush
  22. Repair road in two directions
  23. Build bridge
  24. Remove last lizard man
  25. Remove huge rock
  26. Repair last road and remove evil stone
  27. You can leave rock in the middle of the road



Level 15

  1. Food is short on this level, so collect it whenever it renews
  2. Collect ore and upgrade camp
  3. Clear to ore stump
  4. Build druid's tent while leaving 2 food for druid
  5. Remove flower for food stump
  6. Clear down to the berries
  7. Remove boar for workshop
  8. Clear evil flower in front of warehouse
  9. Freeze time
  10. Upgrade workshop
  11. Build gold shaft
  12. Remove lizard man
  13. Build warehouse
  14. Clear up to gold stump
  15. While waiting for ore, clear the rock below the troll and pick up resources
  16. Upgrade gold shaft
  17. Remove boar and clear to the gold mine
  18. Remove lizard man and fish
  19. Build gold mine and collect gold
  20. Upgrade workshop
  21. Remove big rock by berry bush
  22. Upgrade camp
  23. Remove next big rock
  24. Pay hungry troll 10 food, 25 gold



Level 16

  1. Build workshop
  2. Clear to ore stump
  3. Upgrade workshop
  4. Use extra worker bonus
  5. Upgrade workshop again
  6. Clear to gold stump on the right
  7. Build druid's tent
  8. Use extra worker
  9. Remove 2 evil flowers
  10. Upgrade camp
  11. Build farm
  12. Upgrade farm
  13. Freeze time bonus
  14. Upgrade farm again
  15. Clear to food stump and warehouse
  16. Build warehouse
  17. Upgrade camp
  18. Clear to both rocks
  19. Build the gold mine and collect gold
  20. Remove 2 huge rocks



Level 17

  1. Upgrade the camp.
  2. Clear to the ore and food stumps
  3. Build and upgrade the workshop.
  4. Clear down to the mine
  5. Build the mine. Harvest ores,
  6. Build the druid's tent
  7. Remove the wolf blocking the berries on the left
  8. Remove the boar blocking the gold stump on the right
  9. Build the farm.
  10. Upgrade the camp and the farm.
  11. Open the cave; you can now access the area above the camp
  12. Collect gold on the stumps.
  13. Build the warehouse.
  14. Build the gold mine and collect gold
  15. Remove the boar and build the road up the left hand stone
  16. Start clearing the road up to the spider on the right, every time you have 10 gold
  17. Drive away the spider and destroy the evil stone.



Level 18

  1. Collect ore
  2. Upgrade camp
  3. Clear in both directions to the berries on the right and stump on the left
  4. Build the mine and collect ore
  5. Build the farm
  6. Build the druid's tent
  7. Clear boar blocking the gold shaft and build it
  8. Clear wolf on right and work up to the food stump
  9. Clear boar on left and access ore stump
  10. Use X2 bonus
  11. Open cave
  12. Remove boar and build mine
  13. Use speed bonus while collecting ore
  14. Upgrade farm
  15. Upgrade camp
  16. Build bridge past fire
  17. Build to next bridge
  18. Clear to power stone and build/repair
  19. Clear first large stone
  20. Upgrade mine shaft
  21. Use X2 bonus
  22. Remove 2nd large stone



Level 19

  1. Upgrade camp
  2. Clear in both directions
  3. Build workshop and upgrade
  4. Build druid's tent
  5. Clear spider on left blocking gold stump
  6. Clear the boar blocking the workshop
  7. Build 2nd workshop and upgrade
  8. Build warehouse
  9. Build gold shaft
  10. Clear spider at bottom blocking the food stump
  11. Upgrade a workshop
  12. Clear boar blocking merchant
  13. Trade for food
  14. Upgrade other workshop
  15. Use stump respawn bonus
  16. Build bridge at bottom
  17. Power stone (if you want)
  18. Upgrade camp
  19. Talk to yeti
  20. Talk to Rollo
  21. Give him 20 food and 10 gold
  22. Clear to evil stone and remove it
  23. Hidden Achievement--Talk to the yeti twice before talking to Rollo



Level 20

  1. Upgrade camp
  2. Clear in both directions
  3. Build workshop
  4. Upgrade workshop
  5. Upgrade workshop
  6. Build gold shaft
  7. Use stump respawn bonus
  8. Pay Rollo 8 food 10 gold
  9. Build farm
  10. Build druid's tent
  11. Remove wolf blocking berries
  12. Upgrade farm
  13. Remove spider at bottom right
  14. Remove wolf blocking bridge
  15. Build bridge
  16. Remove spider up to yeti
  17. Upgrade gold shaft
  18. Remove yeti
  19. Build warehouse and upgrade
  20. Upgrade camp
  21. Remove center yeti blocking the gold stump
  22. Build top bridge
  23. Remove top right yeti
  24. Clear to and destroy bottom center evil root
  25. Build bottom right bridge
  26. Destroy 2 evil roots
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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