Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough & Cheats

Trust our Kingdom's Heyday Walkthrough as you jump into this fast-paced time management game in an attempt to build a prosperous and healthy economy for your kingdom while the king is away on some fool's war. Use our detailed, step-by-step instructions along with our screenshots for each and every level of this fun-filled game as you attempt to earn all achievements and expert three-star ratings on your noble quest.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Levels 41 - 48

Author: Date: Dec-26-2013

Level 41

  1. Demolish villa and gazebo in the center (A)
  2. Repair the right house (B)
  3. Demolish cattle farm (C)
  4. Repair the other house (D)
  5. Hire to 6 workers
  6. Build a villa in the center lot (A)
  7. Sell the houses
  8. Build a bakery in front of the villa (E)
  9. Sell fully upgrade villa
  10. Upgrade the bakery (E)
  11. Hire to 20 workers
  12. Demolish the left house and building behind it (D)
  13. Build 2 merchant’s shops in the left front (F)
  14. Build 4 factories with space for a manor (D H)
  15. Upgrade food on everything
  16. Send workers to build in 3 stages (I)
  17. Upgrade luxury on everything
  18. Build 2 more bakeries and upgrade behind the others (J)
  19. Build 2nd stage (I)
  20. Build a manor with bakeries front and back (K)
  21. Build a merchant’s shop and 3 gazebos behind the house (C)
  22. Upgrade food
  23. Buy back the house and demolish it (B)
  24. Build 3rd stage (I)
  25. Build a fairground and upgrade food once (B)
  26. Upgrade gazebos and any other buildings to level 3 luxury
  27. Upgrade the luxury on the fairground



Level 42

  1. Sell the inn (A)
  2. Hire to 10 workers
  3. Repair the villa and upgrade (B)
  4. Demolish everything but villa and inn
  5. Sell fully upgraded villa
  6. Buy back the inn and upgrade and then sell (A)
  7. Hire to 14 workers
  8. Build a pig farm at the bottom left (C)
  9. Upgrade the farm
  10. Build 2 bakeries in front of the inn (D)
  11. Build a forge in the back with a promenade and a gazebo next to it (E F)
  12. Upgrade luxury (and food to get over 20)
  13. Build promenade next to first villa and two more across the street (G H)
  14. Build a fairground behind the farm (I)
  15. Upgrade luxury



Level 43

  1. Hire to 11 workers
  2. Demolish everything but 2 promenades and forge (A B C)
  3. Build 4 bakeries along the back (D E)
  4. Hire to 14 workers
  5. Upgrade luxury and then food
  6. Upgrade forge to level 3 luxury (not food) (A)
  7. Build fountain promenade below forge's promenade (F)
  8. Demolish the center promenade (C)
  9. Hire to 24 workers
  10. Build 2 fairgrounds along the front and upgrade food (G)
  11. Build 2 manors side by side and upgrade food until buildings running (H I)
  12. Build a flower park and 2 gazebos to fill in (C)
  13. Upgrade luxury to meet goals



Level 44

  1. Repair house in back and upgrade (A)
  2. Repair villa in front (B)
  3. Sell house with level 3 food and level 2 luxury (A)
  4. Hire to 4 workers
  5. Upgrade the villa and sell it (B)
  6. Hire to 11 workers
  7. Buy back house and demolish it and its neighbors to the right (A)
  8. Build a merchant’s shop to the upper right (C)
  9. Build bakery to the left (A)
  10. Hire to 14 workers
  11. Build 2nd pig farm in front of the first (D)
  12. Build 2nd bakery below first (E)
  13. Upgrade food on the farm and luxury in the other buildings
  14. Build 2 bakeries to the left of the villa (F)
  15. Build another merchant shop below the first (G)
  16. After upgrading luxury upgrade food completely
  17. Hire to 18 workers
  18. Build a villa to the left of the bakeries in the bottom row and upgrade food first (H)
  19. Build 2 merchant’s shop to the left of the villa (I)
  20. Clear the rest of the back lot
  21. Leaving six squares open build 2 bakeries to the left (J)
  22. Build a palace in between the bakeries (K)
  23. Hire to 23 workers
  24. Upgrade food to get buildings running
  25. Build a fountain promenade and 2 gazebos (L)
  26. Upgrade luxury



Level 45

  1. Hire to 5 workers
  2. Clear back left lot and right front lot except the garden (A B C)
  3. Hire to 6 workers
  4. Build 2 gardens next to the first (B C)
  5. Build 2 merchant’s shops in the back left lot and upgrade luxury (A)
  6. Build vegetable garden next to the gardens (D)
  7. Hire to 8 workers
  8. Build 2 vegetable gardens in front of shop (E)
  9. Clear and build 2 bakeries next to the palace and upgrade luxury (F)
  10. Upgrade food in the gardens
  11. Hire to 12 workers
  12. Clear left front lot (G)
  13. Build 2 bakeries in front left lot (G)
  14. Hire to 15 workers
  15. Clear center back lot (H)
  16. Build 2 bakeries in center back lot and place 2 vegetable gardens in front (H)
  17. Upgrade luxury
  18. Upgrade food in vegetable gardens
  19. Build a palace at the left front (I)
  20. Upgrade food to get buildings running
  21. Upgrade luxury
  22. Buy the palace (J)



Level 46

  1. Sell 4 houses (A B C D)
  2. Don’t upgrade the shop, factory, and tavern on the left  (E F G)
  3. Repair the cattle farm (H)
  4. Build 3 bakeries at the back right (I J)
  5. Demolish all other buildings except the houses, farm, bakeries, and front left shop
  6. Upgrade luxury fully and food to run business
  7. Build a villa next to bakeries (K)
  8. Build another bakery on right (L)
  9. Demolish the one on the left (F)
  10. Hire to 12 workers
  11. Buy back 2 houses and demolish (B C)
  12. Build 3 more bakeries along the side and one bakery at the top of the lot and upgrade luxury  (B M)
  13. Hire to 14 workers
  14. Build a palace (C)
  15. Upgrade food to run buildings
  16. Upgrade to 20 workers
  17. Demolish last two houses (A B)
  18. Upgrade food in palace and then luxury
  19. Demolish the villa and build another palace (K)
  20. Demolish farm (H)
  21. Demolish the shop (E)
  22. Hire to 23 workers
  23. Build 2 fairgrounds (F G), 4 gazebos (D E) and 3 fountain promenades (D H)
  24. Upgrade luxury



Level 47

  1. Repair back house on the right (A)
  2. Hire to 6 workers
  3. Upgrade 2 houses (A B)
  4. Upgrade villa (C)
  5. Sell fully upgraded houses and villa
  6. Hire to 10 workers
  7. Demolish the ruined buildings or clear the lots
  8. Build forge in center lot (D)
  9. Build 2 promenades next to villa (E)
  10. Build 2 gazebos in front of the forge (F)
  11. Upgrade gazebos and promenades
  12. Upgrade the forge as you have the funds
  13. Build a gazebo and bakery along the left front (G)
  14. Build 5 vegetable gardens above bakeries (H)
  15. Build another bakery (I)
  16. Upgrade food and luxury
  17. Buy back and demolish houses (A B)
  18. Hire to 13 workers
  19. Build factory in front of the lot and gazebo (B)
  20. Build 2 fairgrounds (A J)
  21. Upgrade food to run buildings
  22. Upgrade luxury
  23. Buy back villa (D)



Level 48

  1. Repair cabin and sell (A)
  2. Hire 4th worker
  3. Repair house and shop on the left  (B C)
  4. Upgrade food on house and sell (B)
  5. Hire to 6 workers
  6. Upgrade luxury on shop (C)
  7. Hire to 9 workers
  8. At right front demolish and build 2 bakeries (D)
  9. Build another bakery one square below the top hut (after demolishing the hut in the way) (E)
  10. Upgrade luxury in bakeries to level 3
  11. Demolish bottom 2 huts (F)
  12. Build 2 bakeries and upgrade luxury at the bottom left corner (F)
  13. Clear ruins at upper right and in between the bakeries including the sold cabin (G H)
  14. Build a pig farm at the top right
  15. Build a villa at bottom to right of bakeries (H)
  16. Skip two squares and build a bakery and merchant’s shop (A)
  17. Do not upgrade the shop or villa
  18. Start building statue (I)
  19. Hire to 15 workers
  20. Upgrade food on all bakeries to level 3
  21. Build mint on right and upgrade luxury to level 3 (J)
  22. Demolish villa and 2 shops (E H C)
  23. Build bakery below statue (E)
  24. Demolish house and hut on the left (B)
  25. Build a palace (H)
  26. Upgrade food in palace and mint to level 3
  27. Build second stage
  28. Upgrade luxury in palace to level 3
  29. Hire to 43 workers
  30. Clear everything on the back lot including farm
  31. Build 2 fairgrounds (H K) and 5 promenades (L)
  32. Finish statue
  33. Upgrade luxury

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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