Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough is the perfect companion for anyone getting started in this exciting farming match-3 game. We've included valuable information on game mechanics that will walk your through the basic strategies as well as tips and tricks on how to get the most of your game time. We've even included an on-demand help section for you to request assistance on some of the more challenging levels!
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Meet the Cropsies

Author: Date: Jan-23-2014

The Cropsies are your friends. These are the adorable characters you will need to harvest in Farm Heroes Saga. Each level will require you to collect a certain amount of each different kind of cropsie. While they don't have any special powers, they are adorable in a surprising organic, vegetable way.



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Sun



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Water



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Strawberry



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Apple



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Carrot



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Onion



Farm Heroes Saga Walkthrough: Flowers

Make matches next to flowers to help them grow. Flowers grow through several stages before you can collect them. Flowers are stationary and cannot be moved.

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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