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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Trophies and Awards

Author: Date: Oct-15-2012

  • Win the Farmer’s Union NOD –F.U.N. Presidency: You’ll receive the trophy after level 72 if you received gold or silver times on most levels OR after completing level 95 with a mark.
  • Earn Gold on every level.
  • For collecting 300 products
  • Complete a level without clicking on any products or dangerous animals. Do this by using dogs to chase the dangerous animals away and use cats to pick up all the items. It is nearly impossible to receive gold time on the level when trying to receive this trophy. Level 90 is probably the best level to receive this trophy.
  • Earn every trophy/award.
  • Complete a level in record time. Each level has a record time besides the gold and silver times.
  • Complete all levels on Morris’ Farm (Africa-bottom left of map). The time you receive on each level is insignificant; you only have to complete all the levels.
  • Complete all levels on Funny’s Farm (Arctic-top right of map).
  • Playing diligently; play a level for 30 minutes.
  • Complete a level without using any tips.
  • Complete all levels on Dave’s Farm (Wild West-top left of map).
  • Complete all levels on Pablo’s Farm (Mexican Farm-center of map)
  • Save $1,000,000 coins.
  • Purchase every upgrade in the shop.
  • Catching Falling Products – catch 3 or more products from the helicopter before they land on the ground.
  • Complete all levels on Maria’s Farm (European Farm-bottom left of map)
Walkthrough Table of Contents
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