Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls Walkthrough & Cheats

Curse at Twilight: Thief of Souls Walkthrough will be your guide to destroying this ancient evil that's taken over in this exciting hidden object adventure game. With custom screenshots and step-by-step instructions, you'll have everything you need to complete the game.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Chapter 6: Lost Garden

Author: Date: Jun-22-2012


  • Go through the door and enter the Lost Garden.

  • Collect the GOLD COINS to receive the MAP PIECE.


  • Click on the cemetery gate.

  • Find the fragments of the LOCK to open the gate.


  • Go through the gate to the Graveyard.

  • Collect the GOLD COINS to receive the MAP PIECE.


  • Use a LIT MATCH on the icicle.

  • Click the stub to add the TOPAZ to your inventory.


  • Return to the Secret Cavern.

  • Add the EMERALD to your inventory.


  • Return to the Cottage.

  • Zoom in on the cupboard.

  • Add the RUBY to your inventory.


  • Return to the Town Square.

  • Zoom in on the butcher's window.

  • Take the SAPPHIRE and add to your inventory.


  • Return to Hallow Hills.

  • Add the TOURMALINE to your inventory.


  • Return to the Graveyard.

  • Zoom in on the Gryphon.

  • Place the TOPAZ, EMERALD, RUBY, SAPPHIRE and TOURMALINE in the collar.


  • The Gryphon is released.

  • Zoom in on the crypt door.

  • Trigger a mini-puzzle.

  • Click on the 15 skulls in the artwork to open the door.


  • Click on the open crypt door.

  • An HOS appears.

  • When completed, take the SUN ORB.

  • Return to the Lost Garden.

  • Zoom in on the SUN PEDESTAL.


  • Place the SUN ORB to trigger a mini-puzzle.

  • Press the gems in this order: Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue.

  • Note: the blue gem is the one you placed on the pedestal.


  • If your bucket is empty, fill it from the Waterfall.

  • Go to the Waterfall Cavern.

  • Collect the GOLD COINS to receive a MAP PIECE.


  • Click on the PICK AXE.

  • Find its fragments and add to your inventory.


  • Use the PICK AXE on the Sandstone.

  • A piece of sandstone falls on the floor.

  • Take the SANDSTONE PIECE and add to your inventory.

  • Zoom in on the mortar and pestle.

  • Put the SANDSTONE PIECE and BUCKET OF WATER into the mortar.


  • Use the pestle to create mud.

  • Take MUD and add to your inventory.

  • Click on the SUN DIAGRAM.

  • Find its fragments and light will enter the chamber.


  • Zoom in on the brick molds.

  • Add MUD to each mold.


  • Take the BRICKS.

  • Zoom in on the broken bridge.

  • Put the BRICKS next to the bridge to trigger a mini-puzzle.


  • Place the runes in the correct spots.

  • When the puzzle is complete, take the PHOTO FRAGMENT.

  • Climb the stone staircase to the Lookout.

  • Collect the GOLD COINS and receive a MAP PIECE.


  • Click on the GARDEN SHEARS.

  • Find the fragments and add the GARDEN SHEARS to your inventory.


  • Use the GARDEN SHEARS on the rose bush.

  • Take a WHITE ROSE.

  • Use the Shears on the vines at the bottom of the rosebush.

  • Zoom in on the pot.

  • Take the OIL CAN.


  • Return to the Butcher's House.

  • Zoom in on the armoire.

  • Use the OIL CAN on the heart-shaped lock.

  • Take GLASS KEY.


  • Return to the Lookout.

  • Zoom in on the glass coffin.

  • Use the GLASS KEY to unlock the coffin.

  • Take the Red Rose from the coffin.


  • Return to the Waterfall Cavern.

  • Use the GARDEN SHEARS on the bush to take a BLUE ROSE.

  • Return to the Lost Garden.

  • Use the GARDEN SHEARS on the bush.

  • Take a YELLOW ROSE.

  • Use GARDEN SHEARS on the vines to reveal the Shrine.

  • Keep clicking until all the vines are removed.


  • Zoom in on the Shrine.

  • Place the RED ROSE, WHITE ROSE, BLUE ROSE and YELLOW ROSE in the corners of the Shrine to trigger a mini-puzzle.

  • Rotate all the vines until they connect.


  • Click on the RUBY HEART.

  • Find fragments and add RUBY HEART to your inventory.


  • Return to the Waterfall Cavern.

  • Zoom in on the Statue.

  • Place the RUBY HEART on the Statue.


  • Take the APPLE SEED.

  • Return to the Lost Garden.

  • Refill your BUCKET OF WATER.

  • Use the APPLE SEED and the BUCKET OF WATER in the planter.

  • Click on the Apple Tree.

  • Find the fragments of the APPLE and add to your inventory.


  • Return to the Lookout.

  • Zoom in on the coffin.

  • Place the APPLE in the girl's hands.

  • She wakes up.

  • Zoom in on the coffin.

  • Take the HARP STRING.


  • Zoom in on the Harp.

  • Use the HARP STRING to trigger a mini-puzzle.

  • Click the button on the bird to start and in between each sequence..

  • Enter this sequence: A, D, B.

  • The next sequence: C, E, A, B.

  • The last sequence: A, D, C, A, C, B.

  • Take the RAVEN KEY.


  • Return to the Graveyard.

  • Zoom in on the bird cage.

  • Use the RAVEN KEY on the lock and the raven will fly away.

  • Zoom in on the bird cage again.

  • Take the THIMBLE.

  • Return to the Lost Garden and talk to the girl.


  • Return to the Waterfall Cavern.

  • Zoom in on the Weeping Statue.

  • Use the THIMBLE to catch her TEAR.


  • Return to the Lost Garden.

  • Use the TEAR on the Raven.

  • Pick up the RAVEN FEATHER.

  • Return to the Graveyard.

  • Zoom in on the planter where the Iron Rose is planted.

  • Place the RAVEN FEATHER on the planter and complete the mini-puzzle.

  • Add the clock face and hands onto the watch.

  • Click the key to wind it up.

  • Move the pipe piece to the pipe and fasten it with the two bolts.

  • Place the coal in the furnace.

  • Light a match and place on the coals.

  • Place the two train wheels on the train.

  • Place the valve on the hole.

  • Click the valve and turn it on.

  • Place the bulb in the socket.

  • Click the blue and red levers to light up the bulb.

  • Press the red button to complete the puzzle and add the RED ROSE to your inventory.

  • Return to the Grand Room.

  • Zoom in on the mantle.

  • Place the RED ROSE in the VASE.


  • Place the five PHOTO FRAGMENTS in the frame.

  • Complete the picture.

  • Click on the RABBIT MEDALLION in the fireplace.

  • Find the fragments to add the RABBIT MEDALLION to your inventory.


  • Return to the Manor's Back Yard.

  • Zoom in on the gravestones.

  • Push aside the snow.

  • Use your SHOVEL to dig up the grave.

  • Put the RABBIT MEDALLION on the coffin lid.

  • After the lid opens, take the RING OF LIGHT.


  • Return to the Grand Room.

  • Use the RING OF LIGHT on Grim which triggers a mini-game.

  • Move each gem into the slot with its matching symbol.

The ring will destroy the house, setting you and Sarah free.

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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