Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Adelantado Trilogy: Book One Walkthrough is your perfect companion as you journey to the New World as the Adelantado, the caretaker of the new lands. Harvest food, repair buildings, and seek out new lands in this exciting resource management game. Our Adelantado Walkthrough includes full maps of areas, helpful screenshots, and detailed instructions on how to beat each chapter within the expert time.
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Walkthrough Table of Contents
Part One Chapter 2: Deus Ex Machina

Author: Date: Oct-01-2012

  1. Break open the pot and pick up the gold

  2. Pick berries

  3. Repair the garden

  4. Break open barrels while waiting

  5. Build Woodcutter near Sawmill

  6. Talk to Survivor and Watchtower will be staffed

  7. Repair Sawmill

  8. Talk to Old Trader who wants 60 food

  9. Open the chest and pick up silver coins

  10. Repair Watchtower

  11. Build 2nd Garden (near Warehouse)

  12. Break open pots and pick up gold while waiting

  13. Repair Warehouse

  14. Repair Granite Mine

  15. Build Workers' House

  16. Repair Stonecutter

  17. Pick up Journal Page in the woods

  18. Talk to Young Chief

  19. Repair Large Indian Hut

  20. Break pots and pick up gold

  21. Pick up Oratory Stone

  22. Talk to Warrior Guard and repair Totem Pole

  23. Pick up gold
  24. Adelantado-1:Chapter-2-1.jpg
  25. Repair next 4 Watchtowers

  26. Build another Workers House and then Garden

  27. Break pots and pick up gold

  28. Collect food

  29. Build Boat Yard (40, 50)

  30. Talk to Village Elder

  31. Repair Fence

  32. Pick up gold and break pots for gold and Oratory Stone

  33. Talk to Boatman

  34. Talk to Chief

  35. Talk to Warrior blocking the Jasper Skull

  36. Pick up skull and return to Chief

  37. Pick up Golden Artifact Fragment
  38. Adelantado-1:Chapter-2-2.jpg

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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