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Overview: You are portraying the legendary Sherlock Holmes investigating the murder of a young painter who was rolled up in a very expensive Persian Carpet. Based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are you up for this 19th Century whodunit?

Tips & Tricks:

Dark Screen: The creators of this game did us a favor and under the options menu put a gamma setting. This setting allows you to change the brightness of the game without having to change your monitor settings.

Timed or Untimed: When you start a new game you can choose to either play the game timed or untimed. I highly recommend you play it untimed if you want a relaxing game. However, if you like trying to beat the clock, be my guest and leave it on timed mode. You can change this if you want by accessing it under the options menu also.

Playing The Game:
1. at each scene you must collect the objects identified only by their silhouettes at the bottom of the screen
2. if the cursor turns into a magnifying glass, you can zoom in on the object/area
3. if the cursor turns into little gears, it means you need to perform an action
4. you are only granted 3 hints per level so use them wisely!
5. some of the object you find can only be accessed by dragging them onto the puzzle piece at the bottom of your screen and then solving the puzzle


6. to exit a level click the x in the upper, right corner
7. use the icons at the top to navigate to different places


8. if the gear icon appears then it means there are combinations to be completed, it will turn golden when you have finished
9. if the puzzle icon appears then it means there are puzzles to be solved, it also turns gold when they are completed
10. if you need to pause the game, simply hit your escape key

Level 1

Cement Works - Deserted Room

1. let's start by picking up the obvious items: Carpet, Green Cloth, Carpet Traces, & Matches


2. next we need to see what's down in that dark hole:
* click the lever on the right wall to lower the lantern
* drag the matches to the lantern
* pick up the pieces of paper

3. drag the pieces of paper to the puzzle icon
* reconstruct the letter by putting the pieces back together
* you can rotate them by using your right mouse button
* you now know where the painter was living

Scotland Yard

1. click on the Scotland Yard button and review the Case Report
* read the report and select the words that match the items shown below: White Weapon, Carpet, Blood
* exit report
2. click on testimonies and read what Mr. Flatham had to say
3. Level 1 complete

Level 2

1. start at Scotland Yard and click on testimonies again to read what Mrs. Petticot has to say
2. click on map and go to Mrs. Petticot's house

Mrs. Petticot's House

Gordon's Chamber

1. pick up: Water, Red Paint, & Sponge
2. now zoom in on the dresser
3. pick up: Paint Brush and Knife
4. zoom in on the painting and combine the paint brush and water
5. use the paintbrush on the painting until you see the wet spots (you'll need to hold down your left mouse button to do this)
6. use the sponge to wipe off the paint (again, hold down the left mouse button) to reveal a lovely lady!
7. return to the map and go to the garden




1. pick up: Menacing Letter, Garden Key, Golden Knife, Ashes, Shoe Print & Mud Traces
2. zoom in on the locked glass greenhouse and use the key to open it
3. move the plants and you'll find the Page Book


4. drag the Page Book to the puzzle icon
* you must drag the decoder over the letter until you find the message
* click on the letters that are showing in order to reveal the message
* hint: the letter L marked with red is part of the solution
* hint: the largest box (which fits four letters) should be placed over the word skill so that kill is showing
* answer: I will kill you, Vincent.


Scotland Yard

1. return to Scotland Yard and read the Suspects folder and choose Mary Summers
2. you must find the hidden objects within the picture of the suspect by using the magnifying glass
3. Level 2 complete


Level 3

1. return to Scotland Yard and read the Case Report, we are now allowed access to the crime scene photos
2. in the picture of the victim, you must once again find the clues


3. go to the map and click Aston Theater
4. enter the Box

Aston Theater


1. pick up: Lipstick, Fake Knife, Paint & Male Hair
2. read the sign on the back of the dresser
3. pick up the three headbands and place them on the correct wig according to the sign
4. when all three are correct a small door will open up, take Vincent Message


5. take Vincent Message and drag it onto the puzzle icon
* time to decode
* to replace a letter, select it with your mouse and choose a new letter, it will now appear changed below in the message
* the arrangement of the letters is random
* you have two visual clues to help you out, the pipe and the anatomy sketch
* hint: pipe = Holmes
* hint: sketch = Da Vinci
* hint: all the names in the middle (above the note) are proper names, using this to solve the puzzle is the easiest way
* hint: because the letter is from Vincent, we can assume the last word is Vincent
* answer: Mary, my star, let's meet at my place tonight, but leave the knife. Lord Linden pays well; I'll be rich. Vincent


1. pick up: Theater Knife, Set Traces & Cap
2. click on the chest at the bottom left
* this puzzle requires you to move all the pieces from the left to the right, and all the pieces on the right to the left
* answer (White = W; Black = B): W B B W W W B B B B W W W W W B B B B B W W W W W B B B B W W W B B W
3. take out the red and blue filters
4. place the filters (one at a time) on the lamp hanging down (by the castle)
5. one of the filters will show a message on the wall


Scotland Yard

1. return to Scotland Yard and click on Testimonies and read what Mr. Thomas has to say
2. click on Suspects and choose Mr. Aston, once again you must find the clues in the picture
3. Level 3 complete

Level 4

Scotland Yard

1. before going to the new location, click on Suspects and choose Mr. Willis and find the items


Richmond Street - Hideout

1. pick up: Blood, Box with Pieces, Knife, Shoe Print & Stolen Statue
2. click the mattress and pick up Revenge Note
3. click center of back brick wall and a puzzle will open
4. you need to put the pieces together to resemble Mr. Willis' tattoo and receive the Shares Paper


Scotland Yard

1. return to Scotland Yard and review Testimonies to see what Mr. Lindon has to say
2. go back to the map and click on Lindon Hall, Office

Lindon Hall


1. pick up: Ashes, Cement Powder, Paper Knife


2. click on the portrait of Mr. Lindon's father and click around his vest until the picture swings open to reveal a hidden safe (so cliché)
3. you must recreate the puzzle at left by moving the columns around
* hover you mouse near the edge of the blocks to see which way they can move
* no box can stand alone
* there are multiple ways to solve the puzzle

My Solution

D right 2x
2 up 1x
2 left 1x
D3 right 1x
6 down 1x
D5 right 1x
6 down 1x
5 down 3x
G right 1x
5 up 1x
D5 right 1x
2 down 2x
D2 left 1x
1 down 1x
0 up 2x
A right 1x
3 up 1x
A3 left 2x
3 down 1x
C3 right 1x
B4 right 1x
C4 right 1x
B5 right 1x
C5 right 1x

4. zoom in on safe and get Invisible Paper & Feather
5. go back to map and go to the Hall



1. pick up: Red Paint & Shoe Print
2. lift the corner of the rug and get Graph Paper


3. drag Graph Paper to puzzle icon
* the numbers indicate the amount of squares to blacken in each column/row
* blackened squares are separated by at least one white space
* one click will blacken the square
* two clicks will mark it as a possibility
* three clicks will erase it
* hint: you can blacken in both 10 Down which also eliminates the first four columns across which only have 2 spaces blackened


4. zoom in on bookshelf and push the letters IJ, OP, & UV (the letters on the bottom of the puzzle)
5. a drawer opens, pick up: Money, Violet Ink Note

Scotland Yard

1. return to Scotland Yard and click Suspects and choose Lord Lindon and find the items
2. Level 4 complete


Level 5

Scotland Yard

1. click on Testimonies and read what Mr. Yelling has to say
2. click on the map and go to Lindon Hall - Lady's Sitting Room

Lindon Hall

Lady's Sitting Room

1. pick up Decorative Dagger
2. zoom in on the book and pick up the Male Nails and the Poetry behind the potted plant
3. zoom in one dresser and pick up Powder
4. click on the box and a puzzle will pop up


* you need to find the correct sequence of numbers
* if the number is red it is incorrect
* if the number is green it is correct
* no number is used twice
* underneath the numbers you'll see a button with a 5, click it to submit your numbers
* you only have 5 tries before it resets
* the order of numbers is completely random every time so just keep at it until you get it correct and be patient
5. inside the box is...another puzzle
* you have to grab the round nodes and pull them until none of them cross
* if strings are red it means they are crossing
* note: if you replay this from the Persian Carpet Puzzles at 221 Baker Street the crossed strings are grey as in my screenshot
* you want to turn them all green
* there is not set solution for this puzzle so unfortunately you are on your own but here is a screenshot


6. when you finish the string puzzle a small drawer opens, get the Gold Ring
7. go to map and return to Mrs. Petticot's House - Garden

Mrs. Petticot's House


1. pick up: Shovel & Ribbon
2. use the Shovel in the open spot between the bushes and the plant stands and get Playing Card


3. zoom in on the open greenhouse, move the left potted plant and a puzzle opens
* this is a slider puzzle
* the boards can either move horizontally or vertical but not both at once
* you need to clear a path for the black and white picture
* if I placed the number in the middle of the board, it means it will automatically go the right direction
* if there is more than one number in the screenshot, it is closest to the direction it needs to move




4. when the puzzle is complete you'll have Photo in Dress-Coat
5. now lets return to the map and go to Gordon's Chambers

Gordon's Chambers

1. move the bed and get Dark Hair
2. click on the panel under the bed and you'll get another puzzle
* this puzzle is like the game Dots you might have played as a child
* on your turn you draw a line but try not to connect more than 2 sides
* you want to try and force your opponent to connect 3 sides so that you may finish the square on your turn and claim the box
* you want to claim as many boxes as possible
3. when you finish the puzzle get Lord's Message
4. hanging on the hooks is a wig
* use the magnifying glass on it to find the name Aston and it will be added to your inventory
5. move the paintings from under the window and get the Painters Key
6. use the Painters Key on the dresser drawers to get Dress Coat

Scotland Yard

1. return to Scotland Yard and click on Suspects
2. look at Lady Lindon's picture and find the items


3. now choose suspect Gary Oak and find the items
4. Level 5 complete


Level 6

Cement Works

1. pick up: Greasy Substance, Male Hair, Ashes, 5L Bottle, 3L Bottle, & 8 Sun Rays
2. place the 8 sun rays into the sun on the door


3. click the area that sun shines onto and you get another puzzle
* the scale must be lowered to a specific weight
* take a flask and fill it with the water from the vat
* test it by putting it on the scale
* you can empty it by pouring it into the other bottle or pouring it down the grate
* you have to have 4 liters of water
* fill the big flask
* pour it into the little one
* empty the little flask down the drain
* pour the big flask into the little flask
* fill the big flask
* pour the big flask into the little flask
* now you should have 4 Liters
* place it on the scale (with the 4) and a door will open
* take the Statues Letter

Aston Theater


1. pick up: Theater Note, List of Costumes, 2 Wheels, 2 Screw Nuts, & Monkey Wrench


2. put Wheels back on gold cart (by sink), put Nuts on top of wheels, use Monkey Wrench
3. click underneath the sink
4. Pipe Puzzle - you need to connect all the pipes from the top to the bottom by rotating them


5. take Hair from the drained sink


1. pick up: Cloth, Cane Print, Blood, Shoe Print, Dirty Fibers & Fishnet


2. the net has a big hole in it
* you need to click the ends to tie a knot
* the repaired ends can not pass over a spot already repaired
* start at #1 which I have circled and follow the numbers/arrows from 1 - 24


3. use mended Fishnet on the bird (walking on power cable) and retrieve Spare Key from it's leg


1. pick up: Blood, Spare Room Knife, Spoon, Red Shoe Polish, Ashes & Thief Mask
2. zoom in on hooks
3. use Spare Room Knife on hook to reveal compartment and take Stolen Statue


4. click on parasol and reveal a trap door
5. use spoon on trap door and get a lock puzzle
* you must place the tumblers in order from 1 - 10 in the grooves above and below the lock
* you have to start with 9
* red = where you need to move them the 1st time
* blue = where you need to move them the 2nd time
* green = where you need to move them the 3rd time
* yellow = where you need to move them the 4th time


6. once door is open take Male Hair and Thief Mask

Lindon Hall


1. pick up: Newspaper & 5 Pieces of Lamp
2. move potted plant by bookshelf
3. open drawer
4. get Piece of Lamp and view the diagram
5. put the lamp back together (it's base is on the banister) according to the diagram
6. follow the light to get the Book


7. drag the book to the puzzle icon
8. find the differences between the pictures


9. get the Map of the Hall
10. Level 6 complete

Level 7

Richmond Street - Hideout

1. pick up: Lit Candle, Crowbar, Coin, Police Note, & Candlestick
2. move room divider and it will zoom in
3. down in the bottom, left corner is the Lit Candle, use it to move around and get the Ashes in the corner
4. take the Crowbar and move those rocks around the automaton (carnival machine) and get the Footprint


5. place the Candlestick where the other automaton's arm should be and you'll get a puzzle
* you must find the logical sequence of cards on the automaton's chest
* insert your coin and pull the lever
* select a card and put it in it's hand
* example 1: it shows Ace of Diamonds, Two of Clubs, Three of Spades... you need to choose Four of Hearts
* example 2: Two of Spades, Three of Hearts, Five of Diamonds... 2+3 = 5 so 3 + 5 = 8 and you need Clubs
* example 3: Ace of Diamonds, Three of Clubs, Three of Spades...you need Ace of Hearts
6. receive Thin Cigar

Lindon Hall


1. zoom in on the safe
2. click on the row of numbers at top and you get a math puzzle (oh joy)
* you need to figure out: # divided by # - # + # + # = 82
* you have until the timer at the top runs out and then it resets to 0
* not every window has all the numbers
* from left to right:
* window 1 = 0, 2, 4, 6, 8
* window 2 = 0 thru 9
* window 3 = 0, 3, 6, 9
* window 4 = 0thru 9
* window 5 = 0, 3, 6, 9
* window 6 = 0 thru 9
* the answer as you go along is show at the bottom
l. answer: 6 / 6 - 0 + 3 x 3 x 9
2. get Male Hair & Bloody Bank Notes
3. click the smaller, white book on the desk
4. Matching Game: simply find the 2 Coat of Arms that look alike to get Coat of Arms, you need to do this 3 times
5. place the coat of arms into their spots on the wall to reveal a fireplace
6. open the fireplace grate and take the Ashes


Lady's Sitting Room

1. pick up: 2 Pearls
2. zoom in on right side of the room and get 5 Pearls
3. open up top and bottom drawer and get: 2 Pearls, Ribbon, & Opera Paper
4. zoom in on dresser and get: Scissors



5. click the statue and you get another weight puzzle
* you must place the pearls on the trays until the balance
* you must use all the pearls
* one pearl is a different weight than the others
* place them on the scale and take them off one at a time until you figure out which one is different (it is the 2nd one from the left, back row and it is lighter than the rest)
* now place all the other pearls evenly on both sides and add the lightest pearl last to the right side

* use the scissors to cut around the photo of the woman and get Vincent's Mother's Photo
7. return to 221 Baker Street
8. Level 7 complete

Level 8 - Ending
221 Baker Street

1. click on the Laboratory desk to analyze the clues
2. drag them either to the microscope or the burner
3. when you finish with the lab you can click on the Deduction Board

Laboratory - Evidence

1. Nails & Gold Ring - microscope, scrape, use tweezers to pick up evidence
2. Ribbon, Cloth & Bandage - microscope, cut, use tweezers to take thread in middle
* note: one cloth won't require cutting and will only give you tweezers, click on the smallest piece of thread
3. Ashes - microscope, use tweezers to take some
4. Invisible Letter - place on burner, click burner to light
5. Grease & Fibers - place bowl over burner, then put grease in bowl, add water and solvent
* note: one fiber is left in the bowl, place them under the microscope, cut, use tweezers
6. Powder & Make Up - place bowl over burner, put powder in bowl, add water, light burner

Deduction Board

1. link the various pieces of evidence with the victim
2. if the match if valid the line will turn green
3. suspects are on the right and evidence is on the left
4. remember time of death and murder weapon
5. start with the suspects and find that only one that ties to the time of death
6. now that we know who did it, let's go to the evidence box
7. run through each screen and you'll see the knives match up to several scenes
8. let's focus on the footprint and ashes instead
9. find the one area that connects the footprint to the victim and the suspects cigar to the ashes
10. now check and see if the knife matches the murder weapon... it does!
11. by jove, you've solved the case!


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