Royal Envoy 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Royal Envoy 2 Walkthrough is a step-by-step guide to achieve 3 stars for all levels, including expert mode, plus all challenge levels. Includes over 30+ videos to help you achieve the highest score!

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The Royal Envoy 2 walkthrough provides you with step-by-step instructions to achieve 3 stars for all levels including the expert mode.  Also included are videos for the most difficult levels and the 30 Challenges levels.  

Gaming Hints

  • As you progress in the game you will be able to build more expensive but higher producing housing.
    • Mansion 500 wood and food, 3 workers 2000 gold
    • Villa 250 wood and food 3 workers 1000 gold
    • Chalet 125 wood and food 2 workers 500 gold
    • Cottage 50 wood and food 2 workers 200 gold
    • Cabin 25 wood and 25 food 1 worker 100 gold
  • A garden will cost the original amount of food and use the same number of workers to add on to housing; a garden will increase the rent by 50%
  • An upgrade will cost the original amount of wood and use the same number of workers to add on to housing; an upgrade will increase the rent by 50%.
  • Thus, you can double your rent income by upgrading and adding a garden
  • As you progress in the game, all production buildings (sawmill, market, bank, dovecote) will become more expensive and require more workers to build.
  • Food and wood do not become more expensive to buy; however, you must buy larger quantities as you progress in the game.
  • New to this edition, you will have stands of trees, berry bushes, and gold piles to chop, pick, and mine.  These will offer ever-increasing amounts as the game progresses.
  • In addition, some levels will have forestries, farms, and mines where you can send workers to produce resources.  
  • Note, that you will get resources more quickly by getting them from trees, bushes, and gold piles then in a building so get those first.
  • Demolishing buildings will provide you with half the resources that went into building them (whether you build them or they are provided at the beginning of the level).  Demolition will require the same number of workers as it does to build.
  • You can hire workers with food resources.
  • Happiness structures cost an ever increasing amount of resources.  It is much less expensive to build several lower happiness buildings.
  • The dovecote is necessary to build in many levels that require happiness.  Each dove purchased will provide 10 happiness per building, so a full dovecote (5 doves) will provide 50 happiness per house.  It is cheaper to add gardens to housing for happiness but many times you don't have the lots available or in snowy areas can't build gardens.
  • To play in Expert mode, you need to finish all 63 levels, and then find the whirlpool


  • To play the Challenges, you need to back in the regular mode and not in expert mode.  If you try to play in expert mode, the timing is flat out not possible.
Marshy Lowlands - Levels 1 to 4

Western Arctic - Levels 5 to 8

Foothills - Levels 9 to 14

Isle of Mystery - Levels 15 to 20

Mountain Valley - Levels 21 to 27

Palm Coast - Levels 28 to 34

Wastelands - Levels 35 to 41

Valley of the Nymphs - Levels 42 to 48

Eastern Arctic - Levels 49 to 56

Trembling Earth - Levels 57 to 63


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