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Author: Date: May-11-2018

Welcome to the game of do or die in this heart pounding edition of League of Light: The Game. Another day at work becomes a matter of life or death for you detective. After selecting the most difficult case to crack you wake up expectantly in a dungeon. What starts as an escape effort quickly becomes a matter of survival. Your escape from the dungeon does not imply freedom, but only the realization that you are in fact trapped in a game – a game where if not played correctly could cost you your life. Develop your skills for communication, manipulation and anticipation as you interact with other contestants in this game where only one can win. This is an effort of cunning, quickness and all out survival as you race to win and discover who or what has placed you into this life threatening predicament.

Join in and discover the truth in this spine tingling adventure League of Light: The Game!

League of Light: The Game Walkthrough: Beginning

Walkthrough Table of Contents
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