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Overview: You enter to Lindsay Boxer and her fellow club members discussing the summer. You exit with Lindsay getting a page from her partner Jacobi that there is a dead body... and the story begins.

Game Play:

  1. Notebook - Your notebook lists everything you need to accomplish in a scene, including finding evidence.
  2. Hints - These are located by the picture of Lindsay in the top, left corner, you get five per investigation (level).
  3. Sparkles - Areas that are important, always click on them.
  4. Investigation Folder - When you find an important clue they will be organized into one of four folders: evidence, victim's, information, and suspect.Inventory
  5. - These are items either found at the crime scene (usually pictures) or items that can be used somehow (ie pen and erasure are used in the first puzzle).
  6. Character Hand Off - during the game you'll get top lay Lindsay, Claire and Cindy. You can always tell who you are playing by looking in the upper left hand corner of your screen.


Investigation 1

Crime Scene

  1. examine the body
  2. zoom in on the head - click the mouth, hair, and face
  3. zoom in on the hand - click the purple finger and the hand
  4. zoom in on the leg - click the fiber and the logo


Logo Puzzle - use the pink marker to redraw the letters, if you make a mistake use the erasure to remove the markings. (note: the E is particularly hard, try drawing it at a slight angle)


Commanders Office

  1. we need to turn off the fan, click the box on the left wall
  2. collect the pieces of paper

Fuse Box Puzzle

  1. you need to turn flip the switches so they all stay on
  2. the numbers at the bottom tell you which switch controls the other (ie 1 controls switch 8)
  3. solution (highlight to see): 1, 2, 4, 3, 1, 6, 5, 8, 4, 3, 1, 5, 1, 5, 8, 1

Barrack 4

  1. click the beds until and look under the pillows
  2. under each pillow is usually clothing and food
  3. find the one that has a red top, ink pen, and blue candyhighlight
  4. the mouth image and the candy and click "match"highlight
  5. the hand image and the pen and click "match"
  6. highlight the thread image and the shirt and click "match"
  7. solution (highlight to see): left side, fourth bed from left

Crime Scene (Claire)

  1. inspect the body and surroundings again
  2. investigate the same places as before and the left leg
  3. check out the rock to the left of the body
  4. click the cliff to go up
  5. use the swab in inventory to take a blood sample from cliff



Forensic Lab

  1. click on lab area near the computer
  2. use the dropper to take some of the blood and place it on the machine
  3. now find the dark brown bottle (FS-603) scrolling on the shelf and add 4 drops (click 4 times) then place it back on the shelf
  4. the name of the chemical will match the color of the bottle
  5. continue to do this for the rest of the chemicals: first chemical, second shelf; second chemical, second shelf; third chemical, bottom shelf
  6. repeat the process with the blood from the cliff: first chemical, second shelf; second chemical, bottom shelf; third chemical, second shelf; fourth chemical, top shelf

Investigation 2

Parade Grounds

  1. ask questions, watch for a boy to make a gesture and click on him for the answer

Fort Scott Sports Field

  1. sort the balls into the appropriate bins by using the arrows
  2. when you find the bloody ball click on the arrow towards you to keep it
  3. be careful not to touch the ball, just the arrows

National Cemetery

  1. you need to figure out which flower goes on which grave
  2. the clue is in the names on the headstones
  3. the names on the headstones are scrambled
  4. they each spell a flower
  5. next, pick up the cell phone and press the on button


Police Station

  1. find twelve (12) envelopes


Investigation 3

Farallones Marine Sanctuary

  1. find the tape for July 12, 2009
  2. pick any tape and put it in - make a note of the date then eject it (eject button)
  3. compare it with the label
  4. how it works: letter = month (ie a, January; b, February; etc.); first two numbers = day; last number = year end; alpha = morning; beta = dusk
  5. solution (highlight to see): G-1200-79-Alpha
  6. now find the time of death with a five minute difference
  7. use the arrows above the time display to enter the correct time
  8. solution (highlight to see): 6:25
  9. click play and view the video
  10. click play again and it will pause
  11. zoom in on the unknown person and click print


Sheriff's Office

  1. click on the note on the door
  2. click on the fax machine
  3. fine twelve (12) pieces of shredded paper
  4. click the paper shreds on the corner of the desk
  5. swap the pieces until they are in order
  6. if they are in the correct place they will turn grey and cannot be moved


Crime Scene

  1. examine the body
  2. click the eye area, the pepper spray in her shirt pocket, and her pajamas
  3. click up to see the window she fell from
  4. talk to Cadet Lydell




  1. find twenty-one (21) leaves and ten (10) seed pods
  2. talk to Lydell, he won't leave
  3. pick up the bowling ball and roll it towards the green tank - watch what happens
  4. take your sample kit and use it on the residue on the floor


Forensic Lab

  1. test the unknown substance

Investigation 4


  1. place the items hiding the trunk in their proper places
  2. zoom in on the trunk and find the five (5) missing parts of the key
  3. use the key on the trunk and take the chloroform



Room 34

  1. click on the birds nest in the upper, right hand corner of the window
  2. find twenty-one (21) pieces of blue paper
  3. assemble them and read the letter (its easier to do the written part first)



  1. click on the lockers
  2. after the boys line up, click on their pictures and eliminate possible locker(s)
  3. keep doing this until you have one left (or in my case two)
  4. solution (highlight to see): locker #21
  5. read the letter and click on the books

Becky's Room

  1. click on all the sparkling areas in the room
  2. click the box on the corner of the desk and get a slider puzzle
  3. once you solve the puzzle click on the contents inside


Investigation 5

Charleston Reporter

  1. find twenty-five (25) microfiche rolls
  2. in one search box enter JACKSON-MOORE in another enter ACADEMY
  3. find the microfiche for 2004 and place it on the machine
  4. click the box to remove the microfiche and put it back on the shelf
  5. find the microfiche for 2009
  6. enter a new search, in one box put GENERAL, in another put HOGENBACK
  7. find the microfiche for 2004

Microfiche Puzzle

  1. there are clues on the monitor and in the corners
  2. first follow the clue in the upper, left corner: find the pink "!" and swap it
  3. next follow the clue in the lower, right corner: find the pink "+" and swap it
  4. I started in the bottom row and worked backwards from the "+"
  5. the sticky on the monitor tells you what the order is so work backwards
  6. the color on the end by the pink tape should be the pale pink "%"
  7. you can now see a contrast from pale pink to dark pink
  8. now work up from the pink "+" using the sticky as a guide
  9. remember the top, right corner will be dark purple
  10. you may have to swap symbols a few times to get the correct color
  11. now you have a pretty good start, continue doing this until the shelf is in order

Blue Bayou Bar

  1. click the video game
  2. you have to flip the lily pads and match the farmer to the baby duck
  3. watch out for the crocodile as he pops up and eats lily pads
  4. you can match lily pads and this will clear them but its not the best strategy as it leaves less lily pads for the crocodile to eat
  5. just concentrate on flipping to find and match the farmer and the duck and don't worry about matching


  1. read the note on the bench
  2. click the intercom and push the button - it needs batteries
  3. find five (5) tools
  4. click on the intercom to fix it
  5. use the screwdriver on the screws; put the batteries in their compartment; use the tape on the batteries; use the wrench on the loose yellow wire
  6. push the button to call the coach

Davis Home

  1. find twenty (20) cards
  2. read the letter that appears in the door mail slot

Sheriff's Office

  1. show the Sheriff five (5) pieces of evidence from your inventory
  2. confirm Becky's letter with the cell phone
  3. confirm the chemical analysis with the chloroform

Investigation 6

Laundry Room

  1. time to sort week old laundry
  2. pull the lever and watch for the room number
  3. grab the box for the room and put it under the chute

Dorm Hallway

  1. navigate Cindy through the hallways without getting caught
  2. he goes different ways for each player so
  3. Room 22 is at the very back, center
  4. investigate the room
  5. open the window and go outside
  6. use the pea shooter to find the twelve (12) dead leaves
  7. grab the empty parts of the trellis to work your way to the right corner

Investigation 7


  1. take the coffee pot and fill nine (9) coffee cups
  2. you have to hold down the mouse button until the cup is fullsomeone
  3. threw something and it landed in the cake batter, lets get it out
  4. stir the cake batter and click on whatever comes up (except the eggs - funny how they never blend in) until you get the note



  1. click on the board on the left side
  2. we need to rearrange the letters
  3. click on the bulletin board


Sheriff's Office

  1. find twelve (12) strips of paper - they are in the same place as before
  2. reassemble the shreds of paper

Front Exit

  1. talk to Burns and go to the "fake" room
  2. take everything and read the note

Becky's Room

  1. take everything
  2. decipher the note by finding the keyword
  3. the keyword is in the bottom, right corner
  4. place WINSTON on the line first and then follow with the rest of the alphabet as per the books instructions

Investigation 8

Teachers Staff Room

  1. read the clipboard on the left wall
  2. find the balled up note by the waste basket
  3. look at the board and see a recipe for removing stains
  4. find the quarter and use it on the soda machine to get tonic water
  5. find the soda and the sugar and combine them in the bowl
  6. dip the rag in the bowl and blot in on the paper


Mr. Reynold's Room

  1. click on everything that sparkles
  2. if you have trouble with the fireplace, try clicking near the center
  3. when you compare the two photos you can click either match or no match, it doesn't matter

Charleston Reporter

  1. find the microfiche again, they in the same place as before
  2. Fred knows you mastered his organizing system and created a new one
  3. the hint is "bullseye"
  4. the one is already in place - it shows you were the black "corners" go
  5. the orange goes on the outside and the purple on the inside to make circles, the dot goes in the middle
  6. search for: JOHN REYNOLDS and JACKSON-MOORE
  7. find and read 2005


Blue Bayou Bar

  1. time to play the arcade game again

Investigation 9

Lt. Col. Burns Office

  1. show him all your evidence
  2. he will show you a list of 1st year Cadets
  3. pick Andrew Pierce and any other three (3) male cadets - it doesn't matter who

Book Store

  1. grab the bug spray and kill those spiders!
  2. grab the book of Morse Code and get out of there!


  1. find sixteen (16) plastic letters
  2. click on the white board on the right wall
  3. rearrange the letters to form the question you want to ask Andrew
  4. solution (highlight to see): WHAT DID BECKY SAY?
  5. now simply click the letters in order of the question to type out the Morse code


Interrogation Room

  1. Burns is watching, we'll need to use Morse Code
  2. click on the notebook in front of you
  3. the question is already wrote out with the code
  4. pick up the pencil
  5. dots = tap once
  6. lines = drag the pencil
  7. you can do this anywhere on the paper
  8. he will reply - match the Morse code to the letters
  9. solution (highlight to see): HOGENBACK ASSASSINATION

Investigation 10


  1. click the security alarm and press "disarm"
  2. find thirteen (13) pieces of pink paper
  3. assemble the letter


Laundry Machine Room

  1. find thirty (30) tokens
  2. go to each machine and insert tokens



  1. check the alarm system

Lt. Col. Burns Office

  1. click on your bag and the contents will be transferred to your inventory
  2. pick the credit card and click on the window
  3. click on the desk and check all the drawers
  4. now click on the left corner of the desk
  5. move all the blocks to the left until you see the hole
  6. on the right, upper corner of the desk is a handle
  7. place the handle in the hole and the secret drawer will open


Dorm Hallway

  1. start off to find Andrew's room (remember Cindy said it was 23)
  2. Lydell leaves his room, hide before he sees you or you have to start over
  3. once he is gone go back to his room in the front, left corner
  4. check out everything in his room
  5. leave and make your way to room 23 without getting caught


The End

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