Farm Tribe Walkthrough & Cheats

The Farm Tribe Walkthrough answers some of your most troubling questions like - How can I make my farm produce faster? How do I clear the stone altar? How do I get the Totem in the rain? The guide also has a detailed list of all the tasks you need to complete and which task is coming up next so you can plan ahead.
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How do I know what my worker is doing?

How do I make my workers do something?

How do I make my worker work faster?

How do I feed the workers?

My work has a sad face over her head.

There are too many workers. I'm getting confused. What should I do?

How do I make someone help build when they don't want to?

How do I cure my sick worker?

How do I get enough tech points?

I'm running out of room, What should I do?

How do I build or repair a building?

How do I build more quickly?

How do I make my farm produce faster?

How do I open a totem?

Why does my food keep disappearing?

How do I make lots of money?

How do I make milk?

How do I get more eggs?

How do I make flour?

Do I have to buy that sculpture or bench or toy when it is offered?

What should I do about the trash?

What about those nasty worms?

Should I pay that expert or hire an extra worker? There are several questions that come up during the game that require an answer one way of the other. How should I answer them?

How do I examine the fire place?

How do I clear the stone altar?

How do I move the stone?

How do I open the totem in the river?

How do I clean the stone stove?

How do I get the totem in the rain?

How do I clear the stone obstruction?

I'm near the end and I can't get to the last totem on the hill (which is pretty dumb because it's been there in plain sight the whole time!). I bought the telescope and finished the cooking contest, and I'm not being told what to do next. What should I do?

Where is the cake recipe or why do have I a cake recipe?

Where are all of the collection pieces?

I have several options for building and/or studying. Which one should I do first?

I don't know what to sell and what to keep. What task is coming up next?

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