Azada : In Libro Walkthrough & Cheats

Azada: In Libro Walkthrough includes step by step instructions throughout the entire game. It also includes several videos for harder puzzles. Save the world of Azada by finding the three keys and defeating the Black Magician.
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Overview: In the third installment of the Azada series, you are summoned to Prague by a long lost relative to collect an inheritance. Or are you? Help defeat the Black Magician and restore Azada's worlds.

Hints: These are unlimited, but must refill.

Diary: This will store your progress and important information.

Azada: In Libro

Chapter 1
  1. talk to the attorney - he will leave
  2. notice the cat in the window
  3. look closely at the cat door
  4. pour the Milk into the bowl by the cat door
  5. once the cat goes back into the house look through the cat door
  6. take the Bell Cord
  7. use the Bell Cord on the doorbell to the right of the door and pull it
  8. open the doors and enter
  9. attempt to pet the cat sitting on the staircase
  10. speak to Titus in the mirror
  11. examine the Book of Azada 
  12. turn the page and enter the portal
  13. talk to Titus and receive the box
  14. take the lid off the garbage can and look inside
  15. remove the garbage until you find the Chain Link
  16. examine the loose brick in the wall
  17. take the Brick and the Bracelet hidden behind it
  18. examine the barred window and take the Apple


  1. examine the bicycle
  2. Bicycle Puzzle
    1. replace the Chain Link
    2. fix the chain by placing the links back on it by match the colors on the ends
    3. you can rotate them once you put them on the chain
    4. see screenshot for solution


  1. once the creature disappears read the note that blows onto the ladder
  2. go forward
  3. pick up the piece of crumpled paper and read it - personalized, nice touch!
  4. scare away the bird on the stairs


  1. go right
  2. move the small car on the tracks and examine the purse
  3. take the Coin out of the purse
  4.  do right onto the docks
  5. examine the board and take the Skirt
  6. enter the ship
  7. examine the rope on the right and take the Coin
  8. go down into the ship
  9. examine the wine rack - particularly the bottle in the middle
  10. use the Brick to break open the bottle and take the note with symbols
  11. look inside the couch cushions and take the Candle
  12. return to the deck and go forward
  13. examine the dead captains head
  14. use the Candle on the lit pipe to light it
  15. examine the dead captains body and take the Crowbar
  16. examine the photograph
  17. go down twice
  18. use the Crowbar on the shipping crate and take the Screwdriver and Board
  19. go down and look at the slot machine
  20. place the two Coins into the machine
  21. Slot Machine Puzzle
    1. pull the levers to line up the correct symbols
    2. the symbols should match those seen on the board
    3. look in your journal for the solution
    4. solution: pull the left knob three times and pull the middle knob once
  22. take the Code Wheel
  23. return to the ship
  24. go down into the ship
  25. use the Code Wheel on the chest
  26. Chest Puzzle
    1. turn the code wheels until they match the solution found in the bottle
    2. look in your journal for the solution
    3. solution: heart, club, spade, heart
  27. take the Hat
  28. return to the deck and go down twice
  29. look to the left of the slot machine
  30. use the Crowbar on the Metal Sheet


  1. go down and left
  2. click on the Ladder
  3. place the Candle inside the lantern and take the Lantern
  4. enter the trolley car and examine the lever
  5. use the Screwdriver to remove the housing on the lever
  6. pull the lever and receive the Gear
  7. examine the dinosaur at the back of the trolley car
  8. take the Metal Beetle from it's eye socket
  9. push down the front-right seat and the back-left seat
  10. the metal door opens - take the Wing
  11. exit the trolley car
  12. look under the front of the trolley car
  13. use the Lantern to light up the area
  14. give the (adorable) piglet the Apple
  15. when he runs away take the Board from behind him and take back the Lantern
  16. go down
  17. examine the side staircase - where the bird was earlier
  18. use the tow Boards and Metal Sheet on the broken steps
  19. take the Brush
  20. return to the ship
  21. examine the mechanical bird
  22. place the Gears and Chain on the bird
  23. Mechanical Bird Puzzle
    1. place the remaining gears on the bird so that they will all turn together
    2. push the left arrow
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Hook
  2. return to the trolley car
  3. examine the rain spout on the side of the building
  4. use the Brush to get the Fishing Line
  5. return to the ship and go forward
  6. examine the pole in the corner
  7. place the Fishing Line and then the Hook on the pole
  8. take the Fishing Rod
  9. go down four times
  10. examine the grate on the left at building number sixteen - where the black smoke is rising
  11. use the Fishing Rod to get the Anklet
  12. examine the door of number sixteen
  13. Doll Puzzle
    1. dress the girl in her Skirt, Hat, Bracelet, Anklet, and Wing
    2. move her parts unlock the door
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. enter the house
  2. go left
  3. remove the picture from the wall and take the Faucet
  4. examine the piano and take the Bullet
  5. go down twice and forward
  6. look to the left
  7. move the dead bellhops arm and take the Clippers
  8. look in the open top drawer and take the Knife
  9. go down twice
  10. examine the right door and use the Clippers on the chain
  11. enter the room
  12. examine the cupboard
  13. take the Piano Scroll
  14. move the newspaper and take the Gun Barrel
  15. examine the log pile and take the Carbon
  16. examine the cabinet on the back wall and take the Pestle
  17. go forward
  18. look in the sink and take the Soap
  19. open the clothes hamper and move the sock
  20. pick up the Puzzle Part
  21. look in the tub and take the Ducky
  22. use the Faucet to turn the water off and drain the tub
  23. take the Towel off the side of the tub 
  24. place the Soap in the bucket of water in front of the sink
  25. go down twice and left
  26. place the Piano Scroll in the piano
  27. exit out and you'll notice both doors are open
  28. go through the right door
  29. examine the desk and take the Puzzle Part
  30. read the recipe
  31. move the right chair and take the Mop
  32. exit the office and go through the left door
  33. open the hamper and move the clothes around until you find a Puzzle Part
  34. take the Towel if you didn't pick up the one in the bathroom
  35. move the chair to the side and take the Hammer
  36. examine the bed and move the covers back
  37. pick up the Magnet
  38. use the Knife to cut open the mattress and retrieve the Spring
  39. examine the bedside table and take the Saltpeter
  40. open the clock face
  41. Clock Puzzle
    1. replace the Spring
    2. use the arrows to move the spring so that each end fits in the two holes
    3. see video for solution

  1. take the Cuckoo
  2. go down and through the right door
  3. examine the desk
  4. place the Sulfur, Carbon, and Saltpeter into the mortar
  5. place the Pestle into the mix
  6. pick up the Pouch at the base of the mortar and use it on the Powder
  7. go down and through the left door
  8. examine the bedside table
  9. use the Powder and the Bullet on the skull container
  10. take the Cartridge
  11. return to the bathroom
  12. Bathtub Puzzle
    1. replace the Magnet at the top
    2. move the magnets in order to make the bug move through the pipes
    3. see video for solution

  1. receive Metal Beetle
  2. use the Mop in the bucket in front of the sink (note: if you didn't use the Soap in the water yet you need to do that now)
  3. return to the elevator
  4. use the Hammer to break the lock on the silver gate
  5. go forward
  6. place the Lantern on the chain
  7. examine the steaming pipe
  8. Pipe Puzzle
    1. place the Towel on the pipe
    2. click the towel and then a hook to block all the holes
    3. you can only use the towel six times
    4. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Metal Beetle
  2. use the Mop on the stairs
  3. return to the office
  4. examine the globe
  5. Globe Puzzle
    1. replace the Puzzle Parts
    2. put them together like a jigsaw puzzle
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. Globe Puzzle (Part 2)
    1. place the Metal Beetle's on the board
    2. use the arrows to get each beetle into their matching (color) spot
    3. see video for solution

  1. look in the secret passage
  2. take the Chicken
  3. make a note of the drawing
  4. exit the office 
  5. examine the piano
  6. place the Cuckoo, Chicken, and Ducky - in that order - on the scales
  7. exit out and enter the bedroom
  8. talk to the little girl
  9. examine the bedside table and take the Gun Cylinder
  10. return to the basement
  11. examine the barrels in the corner
  12. use the Gun Cylinder, Gun Barrel and Cartridge to put the gun back together
  13. take the Revolver
  14. return to the bedroom where the little girl guardian is hiding
  15. use the Revolver to shoot the window
  16. open the wardrobe doors and listen to the little girl guardian
  17. take her Key
  18. return to the elevator and use the "Z" Key to open it
  19. enter the elevator and return to where you started
  20. talk to Titus in the mirror
  21. examine the Book of Azada again
  22. turn the page and enter the portal
Chapter 2
  1. attempt to pet the cat (again)
  2. examine the flowers and pick the blue Flower
  3. examine the water - someone needs your help!
  4. examine the skeletal bat hanging above
  5. examine the cave in the distance - it's locked
  6. use the "Z" Key to open it


  1. go right
  2. attempt to pet the cat (yet again)
  3. examine the bush and take the Feather


  1. go left
  2. examine the grass hut
  3. use your hand to remove the straw until you find the Glove
  4. examine the huts window
  5. pick up the Ring and read the letter from the gnome
  6. go down
  7. go up towards the castle
  8. examine the centaur statue and open his bag
  9. take the Mosaic Part
  10. take an Arrow out of his bag
  11. examine the building on the right
  12. use the Glove to pick up the Glass on the ground
  13. exit out and go left
  14. examine the left cart
  15. move the piece of paper and take the Fruit
  16. pick up the Scoop
  17. look at the stall on the left
  18. take the Bottles and the Pipette
  19. examine the are to the right and take the Ladder
  20. examine the stall on the right
  21. attempt to pick up a bottle (any bottle)
  22. click the stall again
  23. Paint Puzzle
    1. use the Pipette on the puzzle
    2. the object is to change all the paint drops to one color
    3. the puzzle starts in the upper-left corner
    4. click the color on the left you want to change the paint drops too
    5. now look at the surrounding colors and decide what color would change the most paint drops next
    6. you have twenty-five tries
    7. note: this game is totally random for every player and it took me three tires to get it right
  24. receive Acid
  25. go down
  26. examine the building on the right again
  27. use the Ladder to retrieve the Empty Can
  28. take the Ladder back
  29. go forward into the tower
  30. examine the painting and take the Dandelion
  31. go up the spiral staircase
  32. try catching the flying creature - clearly he does not want to be caught
  33. take the Grindstone out of the gargoyles mouth
  34. exit the tower and go down and left
  35. examine the log pile on the left
  36. remove the log on top
  37. examine the strange box and use the Acid on it
  38. take the Mosaic Part
  39. use the Axe on the log that standing up and receive Splinter
  40. go down twice
  41. examine the stream again and use the Empty Can on it and receive Full Can
  42. return to the city
  43. examine the building on the left
  44. click on the snail to move it
  45. use the Full Can on the snail slime
  46. open the door and enter the shop
  47. pick up the Axe
  48. read the newspaper on the ground and the scroll on the shelf
  49. examine the horseshoes
  50. Horseshoe Puzzle
    1. in each scene pick the horseshoe that is different from the rest
    2. you have to get it correct three times in a row
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Horseshoe
  2. return to the gnomes house
  3. examine the door and use the Ring on the lock
  4. place the Horseshoe in the upper corner
  5. examine the fireplace and examine the recipe
  6. place the Splinter in the fireplace and receive Burning Splinter
  7. examine the side table to the left and use the Burning Splinter on the spider
  8. take the Brush
  9. examine the bucket in front of the table
  10. Mushroom Puzzle
    1. use the stencils and place them correctly over the yellow and red mushrooms to eliminate them
    2. see screenshots for solutions



  1. receive Mushroom
  2. examine the table
  3. pick up the newspaper article
  4. pick up the Nail
  5. place the Fruit on the cutting board and use the knife to cut it
  6. click the cloth with the seeds in it to fold it shut
  7. water the folded cloth with the Filled Can
  8. open the folded cloth and take the Grain
  9. exit the hut and go down 
  10. use the Scoop on the tree - where the eyes are - on the left to get the Root
  11. examine the crystals
  12. use the Brush on the ground
  13. Gem Puzzle
    1. the object is to get all four gems onto their matching colors
    2. click a gem to move it
    3. see video for solution

  1. receive Rough Diamond
  2. return to the village and go left
  3. examine the gem polisher on the right
  4. place the Grindstone on it
  5. use the Rough Diamond on the machine
  6. push the peddle until you have a Diamond
  7. go down and enter the tower
  8. examine the stand under the window
  9. examine the left bookshelf and take the Mosaic Parts
  10. examine the right bookshelf
  11. read the green book, the note in the red/yellow book, and take the blue book
  12. look in your diary for the entire recipe
  13. examine the fireplace
  14. use the Nail to get the Amber out of the dragon's eye
  15. Recipe Puzzle
    1. place the Mushroom and Grain in the left pot
    2. place the Glass Shard and the Root in the right
    3. place the Dandelion and Feather in second from left pot
    4. place the Amber and Flower in the second from right pot
    5. use the Bottles on each potion and receive Wind, Water, Sun, and Frost Potions
  16. go up the spiral staircase
  17. examine the hole above the gargoyles
  18. Mosaic Puzzle
    1. replace the Mosaic Parts
    2. arrange the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. give each Potion to the correct gargoyle
  2. attempt to catch the flying creature again and then follow him through the portal
  3. go forward
  4. examine the stream and take the Fin from in between the two rocks
  5. use the Ladder to reach the Fruit on the tree on the right bank
  6. go forward
  7. examine the rock in the middle of the path that says "help me" and read the note
  8. go forward
  9. use the Full Can to water the glade
  10. examine the glade
  11. Flower Puzzle
    1. rotate the slightly larger (and faded) flowers so that the colors of the petals match with those on each side
  12. receive a Cart Handle
  13. examine the rope bridge and take the Caterpillar
  14. go up the tree into the fairy house
  15. look in the jug on the left side above the table
  16. take the Talisman
  17. leave the fairy house and go down
  18. examine the evil tree
  19. use the Talisman on all the evil spots
  20. take the Handle that falls from the tree
  21. go down
  22. examine the tree stump
  23. give the Caterpillar to the angry bird
  24. receive a Bell
  25. go up three times
  26. examine the copper fairy
  27. place the Handle on the necklace
  28. Hurdy Gurdy Puzzle
    1. turn the handle
    2. watch the hurdy gurdy move then pick the correct position
    3. you must do this three times
    4. solution: Right, Left, Up
  29. receive a Stake
  30. exit the fairy house and go down and then right
  31. give the Pineapple to the monkey in the tree
  32. receive a Hammer
  33. examine sword in the stone in front of the huts


  1. use the Stake and Hammer to remove the Short Sword
  2. go right
  3. use the Brush to brush off the moss on the upper-left rock
  4. take the Fin
  5. examine the stream
  6. use the Arrow to retrieve the Matchbox
  7. go right
  8. examine the elevator
  9. take the Fin


  1. examine the area to the right of the tree
  2. use the Matchbox to catch the fireflies
  3. Firefly Puzzle
    1. move the yellow fireflies into the empty spots
    2. see video for solution

  1. receive Box with Fireflies
  2. go down twice
  3. examine the golden fish and replace his Fins
  4. Fish Puzzle
    1. click the golden waves in the correct sequence to remove them
    2. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Pearl
  2. go forward
  3. try to pet the cat (again!)
  4. take the Rope


  1. go down twice and forward
  2. use the Box of Fireflies on each of the lanterns
  3. examine the bridge
  4. use the Rope and the Bell to fix the bridge
  5. receive a Stone Symbol
  6. examine the thorny tree on the left
  7. use the Short Sword to get the Net
  8. return to the area under the waterfall
  9. examine the etching in the stone
  10. place the Stone Symbol and the Pearl in the etching
  11. take the Antidote
  12. go down and forward
  13. use the Antidote on the snakes


  1. go forward
  2. examine the skeletal hand sticking up
  3. use the Short Sword on the bones and take the Cart Handle
  4. examine the bubble in the water
  5. pop the bubble and use the Net to retrieve the Saw


  1. return to the fairy village
  2. go up into the fairy house
  3. use the Saw on the table to get the Wheel
  4. go down twice
  5. examine the broken cart
  6. use both Cart Handles and Wheel on the cart
  7. take the Cart
  8. return to the swamp
  9. use the Cart on the swamp
  10. go forward and take the Key
  11. return to the elevator
  12. use the "D" Key on the elevator
  13. enter the elevator
  14. talk to Titus in the mirror
  15. examine the Book of Azada
  16. turn the page and enter the portal
Chapter 3
  1. take the Ladder hanging over the danger sign
  2. use the "D" Key on the lock
  3. place the Ladder where the missing teeth are
  4. go forward
  5. click the fire imp
  6. take the Skull
  7. go left
  8. examine the ground on the right and take the Shell
  9. go forward and grab the Ribs from the dragon skeleton
  10. go down twice and right
  11. enter the train
  12. open the first-box on the wall
  13. take the Scissors and Bottle
  14. open the metal hatch and take the Red and Blue Gems
  15. go left, down and forward
  16. click the fire imp
  17. examine the broken tracks
  18. fix the tracks with the Ribs
  19. go forward
  20. examine the boulders
  21. move the large boulder and use the Bottle to collect the Termites
  22. pick up the Mop leaning against the boulder on the right
  23. examine the left window and take the Puzzle Part
  24. go down twice, and right
  25. examine the broken fountain
  26. use the Mop to remove the dirt and take the Map
  27. go forward
  28. click the fire imp
  29. examine the statue on the right and place the Skull in the empty spot
  30. receive the Flute
  31. examine the statue on the left and place the Shell in the empty spot
  32. take the Pot
  33. look under the left part bench and take the Lamp
  34. place the Map on the sign post
  35. go forward
  36. examine the mushrooms on the left and take the Cane
  37. go down three times and forward
  38. use the Flute on the cobra and take the Needles and Ball of Yarn
  39. go left
  40. examine the area to the left and use the Cane to retrieve the Chain
  41. go forward
  42. examine the upper-right area
  43. Triangle Puzzle
    1. place the Puzzle Part on the puzzle
    2. the object is to have the triangles mirror each other
    3. click the dragon heads to move the ying-yang left or right
    4. use the ying-yang button to swap the tiles
    5. solution: move ying-yang to "4" and click it 3x, move the ying-yang to the "3" and click it 3x, move the ying-yang to the "2" and click it 2x, move the ying-yang to the "4" and click 1x, move the ying-yang to the "3" and click it 1x, move the ying-yang to the "4" and click it 1x
    6. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Wrench
  2. return to the train
  3. examine the tracks in the distance - where it appears broken
  4. use the Needles to retrieve the Lamp
  5. go down twice, right, and forward twice
  6. examine the well
  7. use the Termites to get rid of the boards
  8. place the Bucket on the well and use the Chain
  9. click the top of the well to lower it and click it again to bring it back up
  10. take the Bucket of Water
  11. go down three times
  12. use the Bucket of Water on the burning area on the right
  13. take the Rod
  14. use the Bucket of Water on the burning area on the left
  15. receive the Bucket and take the Lamp
  16. return to the train
  17. examine the console
  18. Train Lamp Puzzle
    1. replace the Lamps
    2. connect the lamps so they all connect together
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. return to the dragon skeleton
  2. use the Rod to open up his mouth and take the Shovel
  3. go down and examine the ground
  4. use the Shovel to uncover the barrel
  5. Barrel Puzzle
    1. move the arrows to select two tiles
    2. click the middle to swap them
    3. do this until all the pictures match
  6. receive Barrel of Honey
  7. go down twice and right
  8. give the Barrel of Honey to the huge rat
  9. look inside the rats home
  10. take the File
  11. use the Bucket on the coal and receive Coal
  12. go down and forward twice
  13. examine the lever to the left of the door
  14. use the File to obtain the Lever
  15. return to the train
  16. use the Lever on the train tracks
  17. enter the train
  18. use the Wrench on the furnace door
  19. put the Coal into the furnace
  20. pull the levers and be on your way
  21. exit the train
  22. click the fire imp
  23. examine the dinosaur skeleton
  24. use the Scissors on the web to retrieve the Lock Pick
  25. examine the left tapestry and take the Mirror


  1. go to the left
  2. pick up the Sponge
  3. examine the robot on the back corner
  4. use the Screwdriver on the panel and remove the Stone Heart
  5. examine the mess in the middle and take the Mirror
  6. examine the shelf to the right and take the Jar of Lightning
  7. go right
  8. examine the unicorn and use the Scissors to take some Unicorn Hair
  9. examine the clockwork heart on the rocks


  1. replace the Blue and Red Gems and place the Unicorn Hair into the round spot
  2. take the Clockwork Heart
  3. go down
  4. give the Clockwork Heart to the robot
  5. use the Jar of Lightning to start the heart
  6. take the Puzzle Part from the robots hand
  7. go down
  8. use the Sponge on the mirror
  9. take the Spell
  10. go through the upper door
  11. click the fire imp
  12. place the Stone Heart under the steps on the right
  13. take the Puzzle Part
  14. examine the bookshelf on the left
  15. move the books in the middle until you find the Brush
  16. take the book and read it
  17. go through the upper door
  18. click on the Black Magician - let's get out of there
  19. go down twice, left, and right
  20. examine the magical lock on the bottom cage
  21. use the Spell to break the lock
  22. use the Lock Pick to open the lock
  23. examine the food bowl and take the Spoon
  24. go down
  25. examine the mess in the middle
  26. use the Spoon and Yarn to prop up the flower
  27. use the Brush to take the Sticky Pollen
  28. go down and forward
  29. examine the mirror
  30. Mirror Puzzle
    1. replace the pieces of Mirror
    2. use the Sticky Pollen on the mirror
    3. arrange the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle
    4. see screenshot for solution


  1. receive Mirror
  2. go forward
  3. use the Mirror to deflect the Black Magician's spell
  4. go forward and examine the net
  5. Net Puzzle
    1. place the Puzzle Parts on the puzzle
    2. place the puzzle parts over the symbols so they all fit
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. examine the next puzzle
  2. Head Puzzle
    1. place the heads so two of the same aren't in in a row
    2. this is sort of like sudoku
    3. see screenshot for solution


  1. take the "A" Key
The End...?

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