A Magnetic Adventure Walkthrough & Cheats

The A Magnetic Adventure Walkthrough contains video guides for those really tough levels. Don't let this game make you 'Say Uncle' if you know what I mean!
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Click on the the thumbnail to see a video of the solution. Thanks to LizzieK2 on YouTube for all her hard work!

The Stones
Three Coins
Fill 'Er Up
The Electric Circuit
The Strong Magnet
The Pendulum
Just One Hit
The Golden Rule
The Maze
The Flashlight
Not Too Easy
Rotate It
Is It Safe
The Teleport
Looking for the Keys
The Keys
Beam Me Up
One More Totem
Two Magnets
Magnetic Force
The Slipgate
The Magnetic Field
On A Leash
All Bottled Up
A Missing Gear
Good Shot
Be Careful
Just Get Through It
Circles in the Sand
Get the Map
The Trap
Two Directions
The Old Clock
Let's Get Acquainted
The First Totem
The Square Box
The Steam Engine
You've Got Mail
Gearing Up
Burned Out
The Gramophone
Easy Breezy
Hold Your Breath
Say Uncle

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