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Let our The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms Walkthrough be your travel guide as you fight to save your world, along with many others, from the evil power of the magic mirror. When a frightened woman approaches you claiming her brother has been kidnapped by a magic mirror, you’re not sure what to expect. Finding yourself pitted against a powerful evil that’s bent on destroying the worlds reflected on its surface definitely hadn’t occurred to you. Now you must gather your wits and travel between worlds to find a way to stop the mirror once and for all. Our insider tips, step-by-step instructions, and custom screenshots will help you as you struggle to put an end to the mirror’s evil.

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by on 01-31-2013     

I don’t think I can properly express my emotions when I came across The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms and discovered some amazing person had decided to cast the magic mirror as the villain. That takes a certain level of genius, right there, and that kind of creative thinking must be appreciated. Naturally, I gave the game a try.

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There is a lot to love about The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms. The plot is so interesting, and even though it’s the second installment in the series, I really didn’t feel like I was missing any major developments (even though I fully intend to go back and play the first one).

I was also completely charmed by the vocal talent involved (especially the mirror, who was a great villain, but also all the other characters we meet along the way). And don’t get me started on the music, which was so pretty and actually changed to reflect the different worlds we visit. (Do you see what I did there? Heh, punny).  I was equally impressed with the graphics, which were amazing. The feel of the whole game just gave me the giggles of delight.

Another thing I enjoyed, strangely enough, was the hidden object areas. Normally these are the bane of my existence, but in The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms, they have a twist that kept me interested. Instead of being an area where you just collect a ton of junk, you’re given pictures of pieces you need to collect that eventually form a larger piece that you place in the area in order to uncover other hidden pieces. At the end, you’re left with the piece that goes into your inventory. It was ingenious.

I do get the feeling that maybe the developers in charge of The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms realized how interesting their hidden object areas are, because there were a lot of them. A LOT. Of them. Every few minutes BAM! There’s another one. And even the most interesting of concepts can get old after endless repeats, so by the end I was tiiiiired of seeing them.

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had our The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms Walkthrough to help me find some of those tinier pieces (give up would have been an option). The Mirror Mysteries: Forgotten Kingdoms was the kind of game I felt confident playing, but having our walkthrough along for the ride helped me maintain my confidence even when I’d missed a mirror piece. With the kind of detailed step-by-step instructions and custom screenshots our walkthrough guru has provided, there’s no way the magic mirror could triumph.

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