Moai: Build Your Dream Walkthrough

Our Moai: Build Your Dream Walkthrough is a show-all guide to this exciting new game packed with intense time management gameplay. As you attempt to help the natives rebuild their island, be sure to consult with our helpful tips and advice as well as our comprehensive video solutions to each and every level whenever you have trouble overcoming a particularly challenging task.

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by on 07-17-2013     

What's up with all the time management games lately? Not that I'm complaining, I truly love the genre, but it just seems like every other day I check the new game listings and I'm greeted with yet another time management title.

Because of this influx of games, I'm finding it hard to keep up with them! Not to mention trying to get all the walkthroughs posted... I apologize if we've missed a few. Just leave me a note on the request a walkthrough page if there's one out there we missed, and I'll try to get the game on the list of walkthroughs we need to write.

Today's new walkthrough is a Moai: Build Your Dream Walkthrough, a cute little game with tons and tons of levels... 64 to be exact.

Moai Build Your Dream Walkthrough

In our Moai: Build Your Dream Walkthrough, we've made sure to include all the tips and tricks you'll need to get expert ratings on each level as well as video solutions (courtesy of Sipason) for each and every level so you can see exactly how to get those coveted expert times.

As always, we hope you enjoy and put to good use our Moai: Build Your Dream Walkthrough! Feel free to share pictures of your expert ratings on the comments below!

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