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Explore the cavernous depths of the Stone Kingdom with our Grim Tales The Stone Queen Walkthrough along as your personal GPS. Equipped with this comprehensive guide that's packed with inside information, custom screenshots, and exhaustive step-by-step instructions, you'll have no problem putting things to right in this tragic love story.

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by on 03-04-2013     

I'm going to admit right now... I didn't care too much for Grim Tales the Stone Queen at first. The plot was confusing. The puzzles were obnoxious. And there was absolutely no music.

Yeah... I was not touching this one with a 10 foot pole. But then I started hearing through the grapevine that a few chapters into the game... it got better. So, I threw my hat in the ring and decided to tackle this Grim Tales The Stone Queen Walkthrough myself... just to see what all the fuss what really about.


I have to say... it did grow on me as I continued through the last parts of the game. But still not enough for me to forgive the lack of music. Music in a game is something that is so greatly under appreciated because you don't really notice it unless it's not there.

You'll just all of a sudden start feeling anxious or nervous or excited, and you'll think it's just part of the story that's unfolding... but what you don't realize is that the music is leading you down this emotional road.

When there's no music... it's just so much harder to get emotionally involved in the story. And when the story is as convoluted as Grim Tales the Stone Queen... you need all the help you can get.

Despite my issues, I did manage to put together this pretty extensive Grim Tales the Stone Queen Walkthrough for you, so you can try to enjoy the game as mush as possible without having the distractions of not knowing what to do... and believe me... there were a few times when I just sat there going... ummmm... I have no idea what to do next.

The amount of ground to cover in this one is massive. Even with a map, it's hard to keep track of all the tasks you have going at once. Liz, if you're reading this... stay far away from this game... you would absolutely have a melt down. The entire world is open for you!

Anyhow, hopefully you'll enjoy the game much more knowing that you have this Grim Tales the Stone Queen Walkthrough to consult with whenever you get lost or think you've hit a dead end. Enjoy!

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