Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough

Trust our Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough to help you navigate the twisted world of the Dark Lord as you desperately search for your dear sister Anna. Use our point-by-point instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our detailed and easy-to-understand puzzle solutions to find Anna and rescue her from a terrible fate.

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by on 10-28-2013     
Well, our Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough kind of falls under one of those better late than never categories. I know everyone has been asking for it for the last few months, but there's been a ton of health issues here at CGG that have thrown a wrench in its production. 
Hopefully things will start to pick back up here. We are finally home from the hospital and my husband's been feeling much better now that his lung has cleared up a bit. Now if we could just focus on the cancer instead of all these other issues, we'd be good to go!
Anyhow, I'm happy to say that our Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough is finally ready to assist you with all the obstacles you've encountered so far while playing!
Family Tales Sisters Walkthrough
Here, you'll discover everything you need to know to beat this confusing and sometimes extremely frustrating hidden object game. 
We've made sure to include step-by-step instructions from start to finish as well as detailed custom marked screenshots to help guide you on your journey. 
Also included in our Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough are puzzle solutions to all the mini-games you'll encounter as you play. We've even thrown in a few videos of the puzzles so you can see exactly how we've solved them. 
So hopefully this Family Tales Walkthrough will help everyone who has had a problem with this game and been unable to advance! Please keep the requests coming for walkthroughs! I promise we try to do as much as we can on our end! Thanks and enjoy our Family Tales: The Sisters Walkthrough!


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