Panda Pop: Panda Pop Lanterns

Our Panda Pop Walkthrough is prepared to do what's necessary to help you take on this very important mission - saving super adorable baby pandas. We've made sure to include all your general information, tips, and hints that you'll need to ensure no baby panda is harmed or left crying in this bubble popping match 3 game.

In Panda Pop, lanterns will help provide you with powerful bubbles that take on the power of the four elements. Keep in mind what lanterns are available on your board and try to pop bubbles of that color to power the lantern. Once the lantern is fully powered, it will light up. Just click to use it.

Red Lantern

Fire Lantern

  • The Red Lantern is the fire lantern.
  • It will create a burst of fire that will pop bubbles around it.
  • Pop red bubbles to power it up.

Green Lantern

Earth Lantern

  • The Green Lantern is the earth lantern.
  • It creates a vine that will grow upward and pop bubbles.
  • Pop green bubbles to power it up.

Blue Lantern

Watern Lantern

  • The Blue Lantern is the water lantern.
  • Water will wash away an entire row of bubbles.
  • Pop blue bubbles to power it up.

Yellow Lantern

Sun Lantern

  • The Yellow Lantern is the sun lantern.
  • Sun will shoot rays in three directions.
  • Pop yellow bubbles to power it up.


Super Combo Blast

  • You can combine lantern powers to create a Super Combo Blast.
  • The more lanterns you combine, the bigger the blast will be.


Ultra Combo Blast

  • You can combine all four lanterns to create an Ultra Combo Blast.
  • This will cause a Chinese Dragon to come to your aid and smash all the bubbles on screen.