Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: General Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Tips and Tricks will help you advance in this exciting AR game.

General Tips and Tricks
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite General Tips

There are so many components to the new Harry Potter game to learn, but as we play, we'll try to list some tips based on our own gameplay. Hope you guys are enjoying the game as much as we are!

Battery Drain 

First and foremost... this game is going to drain the battery on your phone so bring a battery pack if you plan on adventuring for a long time. I found this game drained me much faster than Pokemon Go. I'm already considering buying an extra pack for my all day adventures. 

If your phone has a battery saver mode, make sure it's on. You can also go into the game settings and turn a battery saver option on there as well.  


When you encounter a Foundable or a Oddity, you'll need to cast a spell by tracing a line on the screen. Accuracy is important, but we've found it's better to focus on speed to get a better rating on your casting. Good casts will give you an extra 20 Xp and Great Casts will give you an extra 50 XP so it's worth working on your spell casting skills. 

Each encounter will require a different spell that has to be cast. Each spell has it's own trace pattern and some are more intricate than others to cast. You'll need Spell Energy in order to continue to cast magic. Each time you cast a spell, you'll use up one Spell Energy. For Pokemon Go players, think of this as your Pokeballs. You need to visit Inns in order to replenish your magic levels. 

Once you choose a profession and you are able to enter fortresses, you'll want to focus on the enemies you deal extra damage to. See our section on Professions for more information. 

Potion Ingredients

Foudables aren't the only things to appear on your map. You can also find Potion ingredients. Keep your eyes peeled though as these can sometimes be hard to spot.

It will also depend on the time of day, weather, and moon phases, so take note on when an item appears. 

Also, while brewing your potions, make sure you click on the cauldron to interact with the brewing process. You can reduce the brewing time if you enter the right sequence of gestures. See our Potions section for more info. 

Ministry ID

Your Ministry ID will list everything about your Witch or Wizard so take your time here. 

Your Name: No one can see this but you. Your friends will only see you as your code name. 

Title: As you play the game, you'll be able to earn titles like Apprentice Apothecary or Superior Spellcaster. Your friends will be able to see this. 

Level: Your current level will be listed here. Your friends will be able to see this so they know how far ahead you've gotten. 

House: You are able to select your house yourself. By this time, most Harry Potter fans know the house they owe their loyalty too. 

Profession: Once you choose a profession, it will appear here. Your friends can see this as well. 

Wand: You are able to create your own wand by selecting the Wood, Core, Flexibility, and Length. Click on the small "i" icon to read more about what each choice means. I was originally just picking the things that sounded cool, but later found descriptions of what each option meant and had to redesign my wand so it was a better fit. 

Wizarding Achievements: You can display up to 5 different achievements on your ID. You'll earn these as you play. 

Foundables Returned: This will list the amount of Foundables you've found so far in the game. 

Distance Walked: If you've ever wondered just how much you've walked in the game, check back here. It will list your total kms. 

Inns and Greenhouses Visited: You'll need to rack up a hefty number of inns and greenhouses in order to keep your spell energy levels up and your potion cabinets stocked. 

Wizarding Challenges Won: No need to notch your lipstick case, your challenges won are found here. 


General Tips and Tricks
Potions Master

Ask for help in the comments below!