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Our Governor of Poker 2 Cheats & Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide to this exciting card game full of effective strategies, hints, tips, and cheats to help you complete the game. The Governor of Poker walkthrough provides some general Texas Hold 'em tips as well as advice on how to beat specific people in the game.

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Notorious Player Locations

Author:   Date: Aug-29-2012

The ultimate goal of the game is to beat the Governor of Texas at poker. However, in order to do that, you must advance to second on the list of the Notorious Players list in the game. To unlock and find all of the Notorious Players, you need to win all of the public transportation tournaments (Stage Coach, Train, and Riverboat) as well as the coal mine, copper mine, and gold mine.

Tip: I recommend focusing on owning the majority if not all of the cities first before attempting to track down all the notorious players. Once you own all the cities, you'll have plenty of daily income to play poker on the various forms of transportation and the various mines.

Notorious Players List

Notorious PlayersLocationPreRequisite
Jack (the Governor) BullsworthDallas2nd on the Notorious Player List
Chuck (the Quiet One) WalkerLongviewMust win Riverboat
Cheng-Gong (Let's Play) CheungWacoMust win Goldmine
Biff (The Mountain Man) ConnellySan AntonioMust win Coppermine
Christine (Just Call) WhistlerAbileneOpened After Naomi Beat
Naomi (The Alligator) WilliamsAustinMust win the Train
Sally (Silent Spirit) FranklinVictoria
Sam (Calling Dark) Stone
Macawee (Winning Two) ChapaAmarillo

Notorious Player Example

You start out at the bottom.

You unlock and find the player. Is that a typo I see?

You beat the player.

You move up the list.

Walkthrough Table of Contents