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Our Governor of Poker 2 Cheats & Walkthrough is a comprehensive guide to this exciting card game full of effective strategies, hints, tips, and cheats to help you complete the game. The Governor of Poker walkthrough provides some general Texas Hold 'em tips as well as advice on how to beat specific people in the game.

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Reputation and Money Tips

Author:   Date: Aug-29-2012

Reputation is tracked for each location you travel to. When you have high enough reputation, you can play a local cash game. So if you want to try and win houses instead of buy them, you’ll need to keep your reputation high. If you don’t care about winning the houses, reputation does not really matter much in the game. Once your reputation goes to zero in a town, it cannot go any lower. So if you want to replenish your bankroll by sleeping for a few days and not playing poker, that’s fine.

However, here are some tips if you want to keep your reputation high as well:

Tip 1: Travel to a Mine – Reputation is even more useless at mines because there are no cash games there with locals. Pick your favorite mine or national park and run your reputation zero and sleep your days away until you are happy with your cash-in-hand.

Tip 2: Play with the Locals – Another trick is to just play a hand or two in a local game. You can leave the table any time. The game just wants to see you either won or lost money within the day; it does not care how much. For example, say you are toward the end of the game and you are making $500-$700 a day in income. You can travel to Lubbock and play one hand in a local game for $20. If you lose, no big deal, and who knows, maybe you will win.

Money can be hard to come by at first. One tip is to take public transportation to a city that is just outside your current color (e.g. if you are in the yellow cities, take the Stage Coach from Fort Stockton to San Angelo). The pay-outs in the next color are much higher and if you do well in a tournament, you'll have plenty of money to go back and buy all the houses in your current color.

Walkthrough Table of Contents