Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood: Chapter One: The Camper

Trust our Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood Walkthrough as your current investigation gets sidetracked when you encounter an abandoned camper with enormous claw marks scoring the roof. Rely on our beautiful custom screenshots, our simple puzzle solutions, and our detailed instructions as you plunge head first into unknown territory in search of the missing family lost in the darkness of Ravenwood Park.


  • Click the cloth; collect the flare.
  • Move to the left.



  • Collect the picture and the driver’s license.
  • Collect the camper keys.
  • Move down once.


Camper Keys

  • Select the camper keys to open the camper.
  • Move inside the camper.



  • Collect the picture.
  • Click the suitcase and then the cabinet.
  • Speak to the girl.



  • Collect the fishing rod.
  • Collect the first-aid kit key using the fishing rod.
  • Move down once and click the hidden objects area.






  • Find the silhouetted items.
  • Select the screwdriver and use it on the blow dryer; collect the screw.
  • Select the screw and insert it into the mouse and use the screwdriver to secure it; insert the wind up key and collect the mouse.
  • Select the mouse and use it on the skunk and collect the battery.
  • Insert the battery into the blow dryer; collect the blow dryer.
  • Use the blow dryer on the sweater.
  • Click the book and collect the key; insert the key into the lock.
  • Collect the scissors and the butterfly wing.
  • Select the butterfly wing and attach it to the barrette on the teddy.
  • Select the scissors and use it to trim the twigs from the sweater.
  • Place the sweater onto the teddy.
  • Collect the teddy paw and the needle.
  • Place the needle into the thread; collect the needle and thread.
  • Attach the paw onto the teddy and secure it using the needle and thread.
  • Collect the teddy bear.



  • Insert the first-aid key into the kit; collect the bandage and the hydrogen peroxide.
  • Move into the camper.



  • Speak to the girl and give her the teddy bear.
  • Place the hydrogen peroxide and the bandage onto her arm.



  • Click the alarm clock.
  • Click the mysterious shadow.
  • Move to the Park Gate and into the park.



  • Speak to Mr. Whitmarsh and collect the map.
  • Move to the ticket booth.



  • Speak to the vendor; collect the redwood gondola ticket.
  • Move to the Forest Path.


Snack Bar

  • Zoom into the bottom of the Snack Bar door; collect the pink butterfly pendant.
  • Move to the Museum Square.



  • Collect the glass cutter.
  • Move down once.



  • Select the glass cutter to cut the glass; click the door.
  • Move into the Snack Bar.



  • Place the handle onto the cash register and click it.
  • Collect the trapdoor token.
  • Click the bear rug.
  • Insert the trapdoor token into the trapdoor to trigger a mini-game.
  • Solve the game by moving the pins to the colored lights.
  • Move down into the Basement.



  • Toss the flare into the darkness.
  • Click the curtains and enter the Side Room.



  • Collect the hatchet.
  • Move to the cell door and collect the lighter.
  • Speak to the prisoner.
  • Move to the Basement.



  • Select the hatchet to open the crate.
  • Collect the kerosene and the charcoal.
  • Move to the left.



  • Place the kerosene into the lamp.
  • Use the lighter to ignite it; collect the ladder.
  • Click the drape from the evidence board.
  • Click all the items from the board; collect the crowbar, scraper and the threaded hook.
  • Move the 3 pieces of evidence into the circle.
  • Speak to the prisoner.
  • Collect the metal claw and sheet.
  • Move to the Basement.



  • Place the ladder down.
  • Place the sheet onto the symbols.
  • Select the charcoal to rub them; collect the runic code.
  • Click the winch and insert the crowbar.
  • Move into the Maze.



  • Move to the left, then move ahead 2 times and then left and right once more.
  • Click the hidden objects area.



  • Find the pictured items.
  • Select the rod and use it to pry the rock; collect the chain.
  • Collect the chain and hook.



  • Click the stone; collect the metallic relief piece.
  • Place the chain and hook onto the hanging chain.
  • Attach the threaded hook onto the trapdoor and connect the chain.
  • Click the winch.
  • Move down the hatch.



  • Click the sheets 3 times.
  • Click the metal claw 2 times.