Enchanted Kingdom: A Stranger's Venom: Chapter 3 Cave

Our Enchanted Kingdom A Stranger’s Venom Walkthrough is loaded with easy instructions and brilliantly colored illustrations to help you solve this challenging hidden objects adventure!


  • Use the magic powder – collect the nut.
  • Collect the firefly amulet – the glass vial & the rune.
  • Attach the rune onto the carved stone & insert it.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Speak to Corton & use the diagnostic lens.
  • Diagnose the issue & collect the list.
  • Collect the jar – the slingshot & firefly amulet.
  • Move down once.





  • Place the firefly amulet – collect the valve – nippers & the mysterious item.
  • Place the jar & insert the fireflies.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Attach the valve & nut – collect the ingredient.
  • Select the glass vial – collect the water.
  • Use the fireflies – click the hidden objects area.





  • Find the items.
  • Collect the wrench.
  • Move down once.





  • Select the water to collect the ingredient.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Select the wrench to collect the mysterious item.
  • Click the board & place the mysterious item to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by placing the heads correctly.
  • C – D – H x2 – G x 2 – D
  • Move to the left.





  • Select the nippers; collect the hammerhead, the brush & scoop net.
  • Collect the cloth.
  • Select the scoop to collect the ingredient & herbicide.
  • Use the slingshot to collect the stalactite & use it to collect the lemon & ingredient.
  • Move down 2x’s.





  • Select the brush – click the stone; collect the hammer handle, incomplete ornament & the ingredient.
  • Attach the hammer handle – collect the hammer.
  • Click the healer potion & create the potion.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Use the healing potion – collect the bridge crystal & place it.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Use the herbicide on the thorns to trigger a hidden objects area.
  • Find the items.
  • Collect the spearhead.





  • Select the lemon to collect the sapphire eye; insert the sapphire eye.
  • Collect the nipper & use it to collect the book cover amulet.
  • Select the hammer to collect the pink crystal.
  • Select the spearhead to collect the glue.





  • Place the book cover amulet to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the items in the photos correctly.
  • Collect the lily amulet.
  • Move down once & go left.





  • Insert the lily amulet –collect the blue crystal & place it with the pink crystal onto the incomplete ornament.
  • Place the ornament to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by aligning the lenses correctly.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Select the cloth to collect the glass shard & broom.
  • Select the glass shard to collect the globe part & place it.
  • Collect the acid.
  • Select the broom to collect the chalk & the book page.
  • Click the desk & place the book page & glue.
  • Click the pages in the correct order.
  • Collect the coin & magic sigil.
  • Select the acid to use on the lock; collect the magnet.
  • Move down once.





  • Select the magnet to collect the scraper & gemstone.
  • Move ahead once.





  • Place the magic sigil to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by arranging the sigils correctly.
  • Move ahead once.