Dark Parables: The Swan Princess and The Dire Tree: Chapter 5 The Catacomb

Dark Parables Swan Princess and the Dire Tree Walkthrough includes screenshots, instructions, and advice on how to complete the challenging mini games and hidden objects areas. Refer to it to help you save the kingdom of Dire Island.


  • Examine the note.
  • Collect the white ballerina & candle of justice.
  • Insert the swan figure & frog prince; collect the broken stone tablet.
  • Collect the ritual bowl & candle of order.
  • Collect the damaged monster.
  • Move to the Catacomb.




  • Place the freedom, justice & order candles; click the scroll.
  • Insert the harpy & click the statues 4x’s.
  • Collect the scribe’s key.
  • Move ahead once.




  • Dip the ritual bowl into the water.
  • Move to the Tent.




  • Place the damaged monster.
  • Click the iron; collect the monster.
  • Move down once & into the Archive.




  • Insert the scribe key; collect the brush.
  • Place the brush, glue and ritual water along with the broken stone tablet down.
  • Click the tablet 3x’s.
  • Collect the citrine charm.
  • Place the stone tablet & monster to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by finding the hidden pieces & reconstructing the image.
  • Collect the pin puller.
  • Move to the Hideout.




  • Select the pin puller to collect the gauntlet.
  • Move to the Tree Base.




  • Hang the turquoise, citrine & jade charms.
  • Collect the inscribed tablet.
  • Move to the Lake.




  • Select the gauntlet to move into the Barracks Hall.