Dark Parables: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow: Chapter 1 Beginning

Our Dark Parables: Requiem for the Forgotten Shadow Collector's Edition Walkthrough is loaded with colorful screen shots & easy instructions.


  • Click the scene- collect the essential oil.
  • Examine the note, click the cloth – collect the duchess’ badge & the matches.
  • Click the coat – click the parts; collect the winch & attach & click it to trigger a hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the oil diffuser.




  • Select the essential oil & matches to use on the diffuser; strike 2 matches.
  • Collect the oil remedy.
  • Click the curtain- speak to the lady & use the essential oil.
  • Click the curtain; collect the fairy medallion.
  • Examine the note; collect the fairy medallion.
  • Move to the Street Gate.




  • Collect the sun goddess & the thunder water.
  • Move into the Candle Shop.




  • Examine the book- collect the historian marker & skull.
  • Examine the book.
  • Click the door- examine the book.
  • Move down once.




  • Place the historian’s marker.
  • Click 2x’s – collect the fairy head.
  • Examine the note- collect the mold piece.
  • Attach the fairy head onto the medallion.
  • Click the map.
  • Move to the Candle Shop.




  • Insert the fairy medallion – collect the incomplete ring.
  • Examine the note- collect the wax chunks.
  • Place the mold piece; collect the mold.
  • Place down the mold & insert the wax chunks.
  • Click the burner & pour the wax.
  • Click the mold; collect the wax figurine.
  • Collect the skull.
  • Click the curtain & place the wax figurine to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by solving the mini puzzles.
  • Collect the star keys.
  • Move down once.




  • Insert the star keys – click each one to remove the grate.
  • Click the pouch 2x’s – collect the rune stone & use it to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by selecting the icons illuminated.
  • Speak to the man.
  • Move to the Square.




  • Click the scene – speak to the man.
  • Click the scene 3x’s.




  • Collect the black pawn – examine the book.
  • Attach the skull & arrange correctly; collect the protective stone.
  • Collect the sun stone.
  • Move to the Bridge.




  • Collect the paddle – click the handle & the compartment.
  • Insert the protective stone- collect he maiden goddess.
  • Move down once & to the City Docks.




  • Click the lantern- collect the moon goddess.
  • Examine the note – collect the pin.
  • Move down once.




  • Place the goddesses to trigger a mini game.
  • Solve the game by
  • Click the hidden objects area.




  • Find the items.
  • Collect the ram’s head.
  • Move to the Bridge.




  • Attach the ram head- collect the transmission wheel.
  • Move to the City Docks.




  • Click the wheels & attach the transmission wheel - Click the handle.
  • Place the paddle.
  • Move into the Warehouse.




  • Click the button continuously to fill the bar 3x’s to defeat the guard.