Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Mystery Case Files Return to Ravenhearst Walkthrough will walk you through the spectral halls of Ravenhearst Manor with video solutions to mini-games, detailed instructions, and guides to solving even the most challenging puzzles, including the Intercom Puzzle, Garden Gate Puzzle, Graveyard Puzzle, Middle Door Puzzle, Telephone Puzzle, and much, much more. Use this Mystery Case Files Walkthrough whenever you need a hand in beating this exciting Hidden Object game.

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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

Images © Big Fish Games

Overview: This game is the sequel to Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst. You return to Ravenhearst to find out what happened after you freed Emma and her murderer, Charles. You must find out the answer before he returns...!

Gameplay: Click the areas that sparkle to enter a hidden object area.

Hidden Objects: Each person will have different objects to find, therefore the only items circled are those that go into your inventory.

Note: inventory items are circled in red.

Crime Computer:

  1. click this to get a hint, these are unlimited but after you use one it must "fill up" before you can use it again.
  2. drag an inventory item onto it to get help.
  3. some puzzles can be skipped by clicking on it.

Case File: click this in the lower, right corner to read the story or look up previous information.

Puzzles: this game is full of puzzles which will either be explained below or shown via video, or both.


Note: I have attempted to put these in order as you go through the game, you will have to refer to previous levels from time to time when following the guide. Not all levels can be completed when you first encounter them but will be in order of when you first encounter them.


  1. click on bush to get first hidden object area and receive wrench.
  2. zoom in on plaque and make note of what is scratched in it.
  3. zoom in on the intercom and use the wrench on the bolts.
  4. once you solved the puzzle push the button and take the key .
  5. use key on gate and pull lever.

Intercom Puzzle

  1. above each wire is a set of numbers.
  2. match these numbers to the grid to place them in the correct place.
  3. the first number is for the numbers that go across, the second number (after the comma) is for the numbers that go down the side.
  4. example: 4,1 = count 4 across and 1 down.
  5. see video for solution.

Ravenhearst Door

  1. click on the door to enter a hidden object area and receive a typewriter key.
  2. make note of the strange notation on the paper in the upper, left corner of the door.
  3. go left and enter the porch.



  1. click on chest to enter a hidden object area and receive a brick.
  2. use the brick on the window.
  3. enter living room.


Living Room

  1. take the crowbar from under the chair.
  2. return to the porch.


  1. once you've gotten the crowbar, use it on the loose board and get another creepy eye.
  2. click on the chest again and get another hidden object area, receive a machine belt.
  3. go right to the garden.



  1. click below the male statue to enter a hidden object area and receive creepy eye.
  2. there is nothing else to do here for now, we'll return here later.
  3. go back to the living room.


Living Room

  1. now that you have all three creepy eyes , click on the door that leads to the kitchen.

Creepy Eye Puzzle

  1. place the each eye on a hole.
  2. now turn the levers until they won't turn any further.
  3. you can now enter the kitchen.


  1. click on cupboard in background to enter a hidden object area and receive cheese.
  2. open the door under the sink and get pruning shears.
  3. click on the paper on the left wall and study the symbol.
  4. return to the Porch.



  1. give the cheese to the mouse.
  2. hurry, grab the mouse!
  3. now go give the mouse to the cat (in front of the door) and take the key.
  4. go back to the Kitchen.


  1. use the key you got from the cat on the lock on the stove and get the glove .
  2. return to the Porch.


  1. use the pruning shears to clip the rose and the glove to pick it up.
  2. return to the Garden.


  1. click the gate.
  2. after you solve the puzzle below, click below the statue to enter a hidden object area and receive a horn.
  3. you should now have the rose, you can place it in the female statues hands and get a moon .
  4. enter through he door and proceed up twice to the Graveyard.


Note: at some point during the game - I'm not exactly sure when - you will be able to search this area a third time for a screwdriver .


Garden Gate Puzzle

  1. move the joints on the skeleton so it matches the symbol on the kitchen wall.


  1. click on the headstone to enter a hidden object area and receive a pickaxe.
  2. use the pruning shears on the shrubbery on the right hand side to reveal a puzzle.
  3. once you solve the puzzle, return to the Living Room.


Graveyard Puzzle

  1. you have to connect the 4 balls and the bird at top with the lines in the middle (watch out for that spider!).
  2. rotate the outer ring until it is attached to all the items (the lower right bulb will light when its correct).
  3. continue to rotate the inner rings until all the items glow and you receive the sun.

Living Room

  1. once you reach the graveyard and solve the puzzle there, you can finally solve the puzzle over the fireplace.

Fireplace Puzzle

  1. the note on the door told us what the moon equals and the note on the gravestone told us what the sun equals.
  2. find the corresponding symbols and place them next to the sun/moon.
  3. take your moon (from statue) and sun (from graveyard) and place them over the sun/moon in middle.
  4. click the lever at the top.
  5. a secret passageway has opened up, but first let's return to the Kitchen.


  1. now that you've solved the fireplace puzzle, you can click on the cupboards again to get another hidden object area and receive a damp cloth .
  2. enter the secret passageway, listen to the ghost, and then go up to the Room of Doors.


Room of Doors

  1. click the middle door to get your first puzzle.

Middle Door Puzzle

  1. click the white lever near the bottom, left side.
  2. several numbers will flash on the screen.
  3. next click the lights by the numbers so that two lights are lit (same row).
  4. the light switches can be confusing, you have to turn off a lit switch, which should light the one below it, etc.
  5. you have to do some basic math to get the answer depending on the +/- sign in between the numbers (varies from game to game).
  6. in the top, right corner is an arrow that points to four different colors.
  7. move the arrow to point to the color you need (there are four number boxes with a colored dot next to them).
  8. use the number buttons to type in your answer for that color.
  9. once you've done all 4 colors, the door will open.
  10. enter the Town.



  1. click the store on the left to enter a hidden object area and receive a long stick.
  2. be sure to read the rules Charles left on the plaque before you continue.
  3. continue up and read the missing poster for Rose.
  4. zoom in on the mine and use your pickaxe to find the hidden letters.
  5. take the shovel directly below the sign.
  6. click the door to the beauty shop to get a puzzle.


Beauty Shop Puzzle

  1. the concept of this puzzle is simple (the puzzle not so simple), move the tiles so they line up under their matching colors at the top.
  2. click the blocks to move them, click near the right to go right, near the left to go left and so on.
  3. this is the same as most slider puzzles, only there are six spots that you cannot move.
  4. note: this one have your frustrated, you can skip it! (this is why there is no video)

Beauty Shop

  1. click on the screen to enter a hidden object area and receive a marble.
  2. click the note in the mannequin.
  3. click her hat (you don't have to but it's sort of fun!).
  4. proceed up the Staircase.



  1. click the heads on the staircase banister so they are facing each other and a secret door will turn above.
  2. click on the painting and make note of the symbol.
  3. go up the staircase to the Bedroom.


  1. click under the bed to enter a hidden object area and receive another typewriter key.
  2. click on the bedside table, we need a screwdriver.
  3. click on the door behind the bed to get a puzzle.


Bedroom Puzzle

  1. this is a maze.
  2. you pull the green rings on either side to rotate the maze.
  3. the ball will fall but be careful, it must hit a block!
  4. you need to get in the black hole near the left side of the maze.
  5. solution: L, R, R, L, R, R, R, L, R, R, L.
  6. enter the Bathroom.


  1. is that someone in the shower, click it to find out!
  2. whew, just a mannequin, click the shower to enter  a hidden object area and receive a metal lever.
  3. it's time to go all the way to the Garden.



  1. in the area just before the graveyard you'll see a large X by the statue on the ground, use the shovel to dig there.
  2. use the shovel twice, zoom in and get a piece of torn canvas.
  3. return to the Staircase.



  1. once you get the torn canvas from outside the graveyard, zoom in on the painting again (rotate the heads if necessary so door flips) and put the piece of torn canvas back in the corner.
  2. note the door they standing in front of (left door) and the colors sequence, we need more marbles!
  3. go back outside and down one, turn right and you'll find the General Store.

General Store

  1. click behind the counter to enter another hidden object area and receive a another red marble.
  2. click the cash register and get a puzzle.


Cash Register Puzzle

  1. the numbers across and down for each column must equal 15.
  2. click the keys to rearrange the numbers.
  3. solution: top row - 8, 3, 4; middle row -  1, 5, 9; bottom row - 6, 7 2.
  4. take the red marble and not the number in the drawer.
  5. click the power box on the wall above the stove to get another puzzle.

Power Box Puzzle

  1. did you write down the numbers in the cash register?
  2. the yellow button changes the numbers.
  3. the green button changes the pointer.
  4. the red button enters your solution.
  5. first click the green button to set it at the first number and click the yellow button to insert the first number, then click the green to go the next and so on.
  6. when you've entered your solution, click the red button.
  7. go through the door to the Elevator.


  1. click the control panel near Joe the skeleton and place the metal lever in it.
  2. click the lever and take a ride - nice music - to the Cave.


  1. click the boat in the distance to enter another hidden object area and receive a gold key.
  2. you'll find the gold key does not work on the skull lock in the elevator so it must belong to the Bathroom, lets' go back there.



  1. now that we have the gold key from the cave, use it on the medicine cabinet.
  2. take the rust remover.
  3. click on the bathtub again to enter another hidden object area and receive electrical tape.
  4. return to the Cave.



  1. look across to the left side at the grate.
  2. use the rust remover on the bolts.
  3. now use the wrench on the bolts.
  4. before entering the grate, click the boat again for another hidden object area and receive another typewriter key.
  5. enter the grate to the Bat Cave.

Bat Cave

  1. use the horn to get rid of the bats.
  2. proceed up to the Remains of Rose Sommerset.

Remains of Rose Sommerset

  1. click on the control box on her coffin and get a puzzle.

Coffin Puzzle

  1. you need to move the colored boxes over their matching dots.
  2. each box has a small arrow which means if you click the left side it will slide all the way left until it runs into something, etc.
  3. you have to solve three of these or skip the puzzle.
  4. once you free Rose, click inside the coffin and take the red marble.
  5. return to the Room of Doors.

Room of Doors

  1. click the left door (after you free Rose) for the second puzzle.

Left Door Puzzle

  1. first place the four red marbles in the empty spots.
  2. now move the yellow marbles to the top, blue to the bottom.
  3. keep the red in the middle.
  4. the lever on the left side moves the top circle.
  5. the lever on the right side moves the bottom circle.
  6. there is not set solution for this puzzle, you just have to keep playing with the levers, do right, then left, etc. until they start to line up.
  7. go through the door and enter the Playground.


  1. click on the sandbox to enter a hidden object area and receive a funnel.
  2. enter the Toy Store.


Toy Store

  1. click on toys to enter a hidden object area and receive old fuse.
  2. enter the Workshop.



  1. click on the table to enter a hidden object area and receive a hammer.
  2. enter the Workshop Basement.


Workshop Basement

  1. click the sparkling area to the left and get a puzzle.

Whack the Troll Puzzle

  1. this is just like the arcade game, whack the mole until you have 100 points.
  2. you have 100 seconds to whack 20 trolls.
  3. DO NOT whack the red moles, they subtract 5 points from your score!
  4. the trolls are very fast but you have the option to skip the puzzle.
  5. go back to the Bedroom.


  1. once you get the hammer from the toy store, use it on the nails on the bedside table.
  2. use the back of the hammer on each of the nails (there are 4 - 2 stick out, 2 near right corner are in) and take the paint remover.
  3. go back to the downstairs to the Beauty Shop.

Beauty Shop

  1. enter a hidden object area and receive another typewriter key.
  2. go to the General Store.


General Store

  1. click the counter and enter a hidden object area and receive yet another typewriter key.
  2. put the fuse in the fuse box on the wall.
  3. enter the elevator and proceed to the Telescope.



  1. once you get the coin from the whack a troll game (toy store) place in the coin slot on the telescope.
  2. zoom in the telescope lens and move the dials until you zoom in on the buoy.
  3. you are done when you see your case book open up in the corner.
  4. go to the School House.

School House

  1. before entering click the side and see a degree carved in there, these vary from game to game (mine was 450), make a note of it.
  2. click on the desk to enter a hidden object area and receive bug spray.
  3. zoom in on the chalkboard and use the paint remover to reveal another clue.
  4. go back to the Toy Store.


Toy Store

  1. once you've gotten into the schoolhouse, you'll be able to come back here for another hidden object area.
  2. click the toy case again and receive a doorknob.
  3. go down to the Workshop Basement.


Workshop Basement

  1. click the telephone box (right wall) and use the bug spray on the roaches.
  2. the door will open to reveal a puzzle.

Telephone Puzzle

  1. you have to turn all the lights to make one continuous path.
  2. they have to connect between the "in" and the "out".
  3. you have to solve the puzzle by clicking on them so that each light lights up.
  4. you need to follow a path of sorts.
  5. you have to follow a path without going backwards.
  6. there appears to be a specific order.
  7. see either picture solution or video solution.
  8. go outside and up to the Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread House

  1. read the creepy rules under the clown.
  2. open the mailbox and read the clipping.
  3. click on the door to find a puzzle.
  4. once inside click the table to enter a hidden object area and receive a potholder.
  5. go up the hallway and click the right wall.
  6. use the electrical tape on the wires then press the button and take the rope.
  7. click on the door and get a puzzle.


Note: at some point in the game - I'm not sure when - you'll be able to complete another hidden object area here and receive an empty jar.


Gingerbread House Door Puzzle.

  1. the buttons on the left side rotate the circles.
  2. the buttons have no logical order to them.
  3. rotate them until the they line up to reveal a little girl in the middle and a logo underneath.
  4. to be honest, I skipped this puzzle as I could get the pictures to line up but only sideways and not up and down.

Hallway Door Puzzle

  1. this is a matching game with a twist.
  2. after you match so many the gears will turn mixing up the gird again.
  3. the puzzle is timed but is very easy to do.
  4. enter the Girls Bedroom.

Girls Bedroom

  1. click the doll house to enter a hidden object area and receive a typewriter key.
  2. click on the painting on the wall and read the case book entry.
  3. click the closet and place the doorknob where the missing one is.
  4. enter the Closet.



  1. click the back wall revealing a hole and a phone number.
  2. write down the phone number, it does place it in the journal and it appears to be different for everyone's game.
  3. go back to the Workshop.


  1. once you have the telephone number from the girls bedroom closet, click the telephone.
  2. dial the number you found (this varies from game to game) and a door will open.
  3. enter the Underground Passage.

Underground Passage

  1. use the long stick on the bucket.
  2. click on the metal handle in the ground.
  3. attach the rope to the handle.
  4. click the rope to go down into the Well.

Inside the Well

  1. click the door to get a puzzle.

Inside the Well Puzzle

  1. click anywhere on the board.
  2. watch the people go left and right and the two statues go up and down.
  3. each time they move they will be holding a symbol.
  4. find the symbol on the grid a click it.
  5. keep doing this until the puzzle is completed and the door opens.
  6. you can enter but it will be too dark to see, we need to go all the way back to the beginning of the game where the well was.


  1. you can now crank the well brining the bucket up to retrieve a knife.
  2. go back to the Toy Store.

 Toy Store

  1. once you get the potholder from the gingerbread house, click the stove.
  2. use the potholder to turn the knobs, top one makes the temperature rise, bottom one makes it fall.
  3. the temperature must match the one that was etched on the side of the schoolhouse in your game.
  4. make a note of the pattern in the top of the stove.
  5. return to the School House.

School House

  1. now that you've set the stove in the Toy Store to the right temperature, click the side of the school house again and get a puzzle.
  2. remember the pattern from the stove, duplicate it here (this varies from game to game).
  3. enter the Schoolhouse Basement.

Schoolhouse Basement

  1. use the belt on the sharpening block.
  2. use the knife on the the moving block to sharpen it.
  3. return to the Workshop Basement.

Workshop Basement

  1. once you sharpen your knife, use it on the teddy bear.
  2. take the matches and go back to Inside the Well.

Inside the Well

  1. once you get the matches, enter the door and light the bowls of kindling on the right and left.
  2. you'll see three gargoyle's each with a puzzle.

Gargoyle Puzzles

  1. using the blue gem at the top center, you must move it to trace the lines WITHOUT going over one you've already traced.
  2. once the puzzles are completed and the coffin appears click on it.
  3. now we need to return to the Toy Store to collect the last typewriter key.

Toy Store

  1. collect the last typewriter key from the hidden object area, go back to the Room of Doors.


Room of Doors

  1. click on the right door for your third puzzle.

Right Door Puzzle

  1. place the missing keys on the typewriter (refer to the picture or your own keyboard).
  2. type in VICTOR and enter the Cable Car.


Cable Car

  1. click the top to enter a hidden object area and receive a putty knife.
  2. click near the back of the car to find a panel, you need a screwdriver to pry it open.
  3. if you do not have a screwdriver yet, you need to return to the Garden. *
  4. if you don't have the jar or gas yet, return to the Gingerbread House. *
  5. put the funnel in the hole.
  6. put the jar of gas into the funnel.
  7. go inside and zoom in on the lever on the right side and turn it.
  8. enter the Beach.


*Note: these were all items I didn't have when I got to this point in the game, however, unlike me you may have already acquired them.


  1. click on the broken shop to enter a hidden object area and receive a spare key.
  2. go up the Steps.



  1. use the putty knife on the steps to reveal some bird head carvings in various positions, make a note of these.
  2. continue up and see a chasm.
  3. to the left of the chasm is a puzzle.

Chasm Puzzle

  1. remember the carvings on the stairs, you need to duplicate these in the puzzle.
  2. you move the columns by clicking on them.
  3. grey tiles move across.
  4. green tiles move up and down.
  5. continue to the Cottage.


  1. once Victor does whatever he does with you, you'll see a baby carriage, click on it to enter a hidden object area and receive a bobby pin.
  2. click on the trapdoor and use the bobby pin on the lock.
  3. click the trap door again to be lowered into a hallway.
  4. turn right and enter the Library.



  1. click on the books to enter a hidden object are and receive a film reel.
  2. take the metal dial from in front of the skull candle.
  3. leave the library and enter the hallway, turn left and go into the Theater.



  1. place the film reel on the projector.
  2. place the metal dial on the spot where it says "on/off".
  3. watch enough of the movie to write down symbols on the books in order.
  4. you won't be able to see all of them, write down what you can.
  5. return to the Library.


  1. once you've watched the film click on the bookcase and get a puzzle.

Bookcase Puzzle

  1. rearrange the books according to the film clip.
  2. click the books to swap them.
  3. Top Row (by title) - Tiny Men; Spoil the Rod; Madame Bovine; Kevin Dan; Why; Moby Fred; IZ
  4. Bottom Row (by title) - Warren Peas; Crime and Punish Me; The Reddish Letter; Withering Heights; How to Walk; R; Semi Magna Carta; The Joy of Locks; 1875
  5. the bookshelf will move revealing an axe.
  6. return to the Theater.


  1. once you have the axe, use it on the boarded up window.
  2. once outside, you can click the ladder off to the right.
  3. let's make our way back to the Cottage.


  1. before entering, click the door to the right and get a puzzle.

Domino Puzzle

  1. this is a matching game of sorts.
  2. click the matching pairs that match the dominoes showed at the side/top of the grid.
  3. the domino does not have to be the same line.
  4. the numbers must be back to back; side by side, etc.
  5. start by finding the blank + blank first.
  6. next consider your double numbers.
  7. see screenshot for detailed solution.
  8. enter the Cottage Workshop.


Cottage Workshop

  1. click the cupboard to get a hidden object area and receive a jeweled heart.
  2. go back to the Cottage Entrance & Bedroom.


Cottage Entrance & Bedroom

  1. go upstairs to the bedroom.
  2. click the plaque in the far left corner.
  3. use the damp cloth on it and read it.
  4. make note of the skulls at the bottom.
  5. go back downstairs to the and click the closed door to get a puzzle.

Skull Puzzle

  1. click the skulls in order you saw them on the form in the bedroom.
  2. enter the Drawing Room.

Drawing Room

  1. click on the drawing table to enter a hidden object area and receive a skull key.
  2. click the papers on the floor to read them.
  3. click the chest in the corner and get a puzzle.


Chest Puzzle

  1. click the green stars to rotate 4 squares at a time until the peacock image is lined up.
  2. the peacock body should be in the middle.
  3. take the telescope.
  4. return to the Cottage Entrance & Bedroom.

Cottage Entrance & Bedroom

  1. once you get the telescope go back to the bedroom and place it on the tripod.
  2. click on it to see another clue.
  3. return to the Elevator.


  1. once you get the skull key, use on the box on the right wall to get a new puzzle.

Elevator Puzzle

  1. there are 4 cards with 4 suits, clubs, spades, diamond, hearts.
  2. you need to look through your notes, case book, etc. to find the number clues to plug into the box in the center.
  3. to move from card to card, click the gold arrows on the side.
  4. you need to look the various clues and solve them.
  5. note: there are 00's in front of the actual answers because you need to insert 3 numbers.
  6. Clubs = Telescope (weather vane): here you need to subtract the numbers 472 - 172 = 300
  7. Diamonds = Schoolhouse (blackboard): her you need to multiply by the 3 which is by the diamond by 2 = 006
  8. Spade = Buoy (note): the difference between the numbers 9 and 14 where the spade is located = 005
  9. Heart = Plaque (entrance to Ravenhearst): 8 + 8 = 16 + 2 = 18 + 18 = 36 + 2 = 38 + 2 = 076
  10. move the arrow to the card you want to do and line up the numbers in the center.
  11. you will hear a shrill sound when it's correct.
  12. go onto the next card.
  13. when you are finished, click the handle to go down 1 level, click it again to stop at the very bottom.
  14. exit into the Underground Chamber.

Underground Chamber

  1. turn right and click the base of the statue to enter and receive a jeweled heart.
  2. read the note by the candles in the front, left side.
  3. zoom in on the statue and take the locket from the statues hands.
  4. go back out and go left into the study.
  5. click the book on the podium.
  6. click the picture over the desk. (does anyone else see a resemblance to Harry Potter's Voldemort?)
  7. go back out to the door and zoom in.
  8. place the locket in the center.
  9. a place for 10 hearts will appear but we only have 2, you must scour the entire game for the other 8 which could be anywhere.
  10. these locations will vary for every game!
  11. when you have all 10 place them anywhere on the door and enter Charles Room.


Charles Room

  1. click Victor and hear him rant.
  2. click the table to get a puzzle.

Soul Meter Puzzle

  1. to the left of the puzzle is the numbers sequence, 1 at the top continuing in numerical order clockwise.
  2. the heart button rotates 3 numbers at a time.
  3. the green arrows will move the numbers.
  4. put them in order as pictured.


The End...?

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