Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales Walkthrough & Cheats

Our Build-a-lot Fairy Tales Walkthrough will help you get whisked away in this exciting and challenging time management game that features all the storybook characters you know and love. Our Build-a-lot Walkthrough includes video for each and every level to help you get that coveted blue ribbon every time.

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General Info and Tips

Author:   Date: Jul-11-2012

General Information:

Build-a-Lot Fairy Tales is an exciting time management game that features all the storybook characters you know and love. This game stays true to the classic Build-a-lot play style and offers some challenging levels.


Storybook Campaign: You begin with this campaign. This is the more classic campaign style, taking you through many different scenes from the forest of the Big Bad Wolf to the mountain of the Troll under the bridge.

Expert Campaign: This campaign can only be played once you complete the storybook campaign. This is filled with advanced play and extremely challenging levels.

Quick Play: If you're looking to just launch right into some fun play, choose the Quick Play mode. You can access this only after you've complete the Storybook campaign.


Fairies: 1
Materials: 75
No Upgrades - Provides 75 Gold
1 Star - Provides 90 Gold
2 Star - Provides 120 Gold
3 Star - Provides 165 Gold

Fairies: 2
Materials: 150
No Upgrades - Provides 150 Gold
1 Star - Provides 180 Gold
2 Star - Provides 240 Gold
3 Star - Provides 330 Gold

Fairies: 3
Materials: 300
No Upgrades - Provides 300 Gold
1 Star - Provides 360 Gold
2 Star - Provides 480 Gold
3 Star - Provides 660 Gold

Gingerbread House
Fairies: 5
Materials: 600
No Upgrades - Provides 600 Gold
1 Star - Provides 720 Gold
2 Star - Provides 960 Gold
3 Star - Provides 1320 Gold

Tree House
Fairies Needed: 7
Materials: 1200
No Upgrades - Provides 1200 Gold
1 Star - Provides 1440 Gold
2 Star - Provides 1920 Gold
3 Star - Provides 2640 Gold

Fairies Needed: 9
Materials: 2500
No Upgrades - Provides 2500 Gold
1 Star - Provides 3000 Gold
2 Star - Provides 4000 Gold
3 Star - Provides 5000 Gold


Fairy Toadstool
Allows you to collect new fairies for less gold and decorate and protect houses.
Fairies: 3
Materials: 900

Witches Cauldron
Allows you to guild and enchant houses.
Fairies: 5
Materials: 1200

Dwarves Foundry
Allows you to purchase materials for less gold.
Fairies: 5
Materials: 900

Walkthrough Table of Contents