Surface: The Soaring City Walkthrough

Let our Surface: the Soaring City Walkthrough accompany you on the race to save your little brother. You and your brother, Jeremy, have always been close, so the distance put between you by your traveling lifestyle has been a dark spot in your otherwise gloriously adventurous life. So, when Jeremy writes to invite you to the reveal of his greatest invention at the next airshow, you know you have to attend. But, your family reunion takes a dark turn when Jeremy is kidnapped. Now, you must rush to discover who has kidnapped your little brother before it’s too late.

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by on 01-30-2013     

Let me admit right off the bat that I went into this with an extreme prejudice against Surface: the Soaring City. I haaate stories with winged people because the very idea of a human’s anatomy being able to cope with flight is just laughable. But the artistry was beautiful, and I love a story with brothers, so I gave it a shot.

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Oh my gosh, you guys, I made the right choice. I adored everything about Surface: the Soaring City. I was instantly caught by the brotherly love plot and the fast pace of the game. The whole thing looked amazing, and I was so happy with the voice acting and the music (Although I didn’t like how the "dramatic moment" music tended to go on and on way past the actual moment of note. Ugh, it’s not dramatic anymore, stop it).

I was strangely impressed with the hidden object areas, which were like the normal list-o-junk areas with one major exception: you still have access to your inventory. So, when there’s a vase in the area and it needs a rose, check your inventory; it might be in there. I really liked this little twist because it made me feel like the areas were a part of the game instead of just being a time pit. That bit of added continuity made me really happy.

I was also really happy I had our Surface: the Soaring City Walkthrough by my side throughout the game. I don’t like second guessing myself, so having our walkthrough guru giving me tips and hints when I needed them helped me relax and enjoy this amazing game. There was no getting stuck on a puzzle or missing an important item for me, not with this great walkthrough as a guide. I highly recommend giving Surface: the Soaring City a try (it’s amazing) and I equally suggest having our Surface: the Soaring City Walkthrough with you as you play because really, there’s no such thing as too much awesome.

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