Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough

Trust our Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough as you feel the flicker of hope sputter to life that you'll see your family once more. But it won't be an easy journey. Use our detailed and custom screenshots, our step-by-precarious-step instructions, and our simple puzzle solutions to help discover the secret behind exactly what happened to the Capital Express on that fateful day.

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by on 10-16-2013     
I've been a fan of the Surface games lately, and this one... Surface: The Pantheon is no exception. 
Who could beat a pseudo Bermuda Triangle story where trains disappear deep in the darkness of the long tunnel cutting through the Ridge of Leviathan? It's pretty epic if you ask me. 
The story takes us through Gina's terrible experience as she rushes to make the first journey of the Capital Express, the train where her husband and daughter are waiting on board for her. Unfortunately, life happens, and she doesn't make it. She can only stand watching in exacerbation as the train leaves without her. Little did she know, as she stood there on that lonely platform, that that was the last time she would ever glimpse her husband and daughter again! 
Now, it's been one year since that fateful day when the Capital Express mysteriously disappeared in the depths of the Ridge of Leviathan, and Gina finds herself face to face with a man who promises her answers to her desperate questions. But can she trust him? 
Sounds like a job for a Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough, that's for sure! And lucky for you, I know just where you can find one... 
Surface The Pantheon Walkthrough
As you get drawn ever deeper into this mystery, you'll need our Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough more than ever. With just a few clicks, you'll have access to all our custom marked screenshots, our detailed instructions, and our simple puzzle solutions all created with one goal in mind... helping you discover exactly what happened to the Capital Express that day... and maybe... just maybe... reuniting Gina with her loved ones. 
So, no matter if you're looking for just a quick reference guide, or a constant companion, our Surface: The Pantheon Walkthrough is here to help!

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