Surface: Game of Gods Walkthrough

Our Surface: Game of Gods Walkthrough is the ultimate cheat guide to winning this horrific game you and your friends find yourselves embroiled in, in the latest addition to the Surface games. Trust our detailed gaming instructions, our custom marked screenshots, and our simple puzzle solutions to help you, Jim, Kevin, and Maggie survive this ultimate game of wits!

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by on 01-29-2015     

Have you been searching for a Surface: Game of Gods Walkthrough to help you through some of the challenging areas of the game? Well, look no further, as we have posted a complete Surface guide to help with this thrilling hidden object adventure game! 

With five chapters of content filled to the brim with screen captures and gaming instructions to help walk you through every moment of the game, you'll have no trouble saving Maggie, Kevin, and Jim... not to mention yourself from this horrific game of survival you find yourself in the middle of. 

So whether you're having trouble solving the safe puzzle or you just can't figure out the map puzzle on sea island, our Surface Walkthrough has all the answers you'll need to see you through to the end of this Game of Gods. 

Not familiar with this game yet? Here's a brief description to get you up to speed: 

When your friends invite you to take part in a research study, you jump at the chance. However, things take a turn for the worse upon your arrival when you discover your friends Kevin and Jim are missing and your friend Maggie was just abducted by some terrible creature! All that's left is a strange game board spread out before you and it's your turn to roll the dice! Can you survive to the end of this deadly game in time to rescue yourself and your friends?

We hope you enjoy our Surface: Game of Gods Walkthrough!

Surface Game of Gods Walkthrough

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