Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough

Our Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough is designed to help feed your inner Om Nom with all the right information and tips you'll need to carve your way through this exciting physics puzzler game. We've packed this guide full of all the information you'll need to earn stars and feed that adorable little monster we all love so much!

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by on 01-08-2014     
Cut the Rope 2 is a great little (and did I mention free?) game that I've been addicted to lately. If you've played the previous games, you're really not going to have any problem jumping into this one.
But in case you're new to tablet/mobile games and you've never encountered the adorable green monster named Om Nom, here's the basic concept... see that wide eyed little darling green monster on your screen? He's hungry. And his favorite food is candy.. It's your job to make sure said candy ends up in Om Nom's mouth... or he will cry... no really... he does... and makes you feel downright awful about it too!
So to help avoid those terrible situations, we've put together a little Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough to get you up to speed and ready to play in no time!
Now, if you're familiar with our walkthroughs, you're going to notice that our Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough is just a little different. Since there are so many levels to the game... we've included some basic information and tips and tricks to help you get started. 
But that doesn't mean we're going to leave you with just general knowledge and nothing else... we've also included a section on the Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough for you to request the solutions to difficult levels. Just leave us a comment on that section with the level you want the solution to, and we'll work on getting you step-by-step instructions and even a video to help you overcome the troublesome board. 
So take a look at our Cut the Rope 2 Walkthrough and let us know what you think and what levels you're stuck on!