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While this game is endlessly entert...

While this game is endlessly entertaining as poker can be, after purchasing it and playing it for a few days I can't help but wonder if anyone at Youda actually tested this product. The bugs are everywhere and I won't even begin to say what I think of the atrocious use of the English language let alone the lack of proper punctuation, capitalization or grammar. It leaves one thinking Youda cannot afford, or does not care, to hire someone literate.

The addition of hats choices in this game make your character a bit more fun to play with. Bounties given to players in tournament games in certain cities add a kick to what would quickly become mundane.

With all that said, do not be surprised if:

Everyone at your table is suddenly 'on fire'.

The game crashes during a cash game and you come back to find you have lost the game (even if you were winning) and lost all your properties owned in that city.

The game suddenly forgets your player name and calls you Undefined Place.

You lock up during a poker game in El Paso and cannot play that character any longer.

You realize their math and your math have nothing to do with one another. Get used to it.

Your Boiler Award never goes above 1 - no matter how many times you push a non-player character to Tilt.

Etc., etc., etc.

The bottom line is while the game is entertaining for a while, the numerous bugs and issues make playing it frustrating. You probably have something better to do with $20. Spend it elsewhere.

By hollister
I have played the game quite extensively and have not experienced any of the problems topazmonkey is having. Maybe you have a glitchy video card?
By nanato4g3b
I purchased this game and I really love it, but I have also encountered many of these bugs. It is very annoying when you are playing a good game and something goes very wrong
By forme2say
I am knew to this game but am loving it. But, I too have difficulties. I wish the game came with rules.

I don't understand the reason for the hats except that you need one to play in that town. Why??? Is there more to the hats?

I can't figure out the $$$ at all. It says one thing, you know how much the players put in so why is there always so much more awarded the winner?

They say, "A new player has come to the table" or something like that, but it's usually more than one!

How do I play the Notorious Players when I want to? Even if I see they WANT to play me there's no forum for a game!

I have had 2 I played and beat but by nothing I have done.

How much $$$ makes you a good player?

I wish the players talked a lot more and not the same thing about "skills" over and over and over....

What's a Boiler Award and Tilt mean?
By joey
Me and another person can't get certain trophys and medals..the game program steers the cards to win or loose instead of letting the cards fall at random..I agree that the game is for amusing purposes only rather than being serious poker and actually ruins ones ability to play real texas hold em poker...shame on the game designers for ruining such a potentional good game.
By mr b
I won govenor of poker got almost two million but many bugs in the program..some of the trophys and medal rewards don't work at all, player over twenty five player and recieved no reward. The comeback tropy doesn't work at all...cheating of chips and money payoffs not to mention card steering for other player wins. Who made game program was he or she on drugs or alcohol?
By mr b
There seems to be not much activity going on anymore with this forum no more new complaints?
By mr b
My character changed hats and gained a voice by itself once then the next time it was back to normal...must have been a fluke in the program.
By mr b
whats the mattere to this page? Its dead mail this page? No one is complaining about this crooked game anymore?
By mr.b
El paso screwed up..then double chacters with same hat and voice then played for the stagecoach twice and didn't get it to own...whats goin on? iS THIS A GAME OF MAJIC TRICKS?
By mr b
You get El Paso tournament after you play and beat the govenor I found out
By amy
I've lock up during a poker game in El Paso and cannot play that character any longer.

By coreybritish google
By mick
The game worked perfectly for me, until I got to the tournaments that had more than one table of players.
A played will win a hand then switch to another table before they can take the chips. The game freezes and you can do nothing but leave the table. Sucks when you're at a 48 player tournament (where it happens most frequently) and have almost won the star. I've been stuck in witchita falls for a week because I can't make it through the tournament without this happening
By flakjakit
i 'got' a free full version. the only part that gets me is when i get up to leave the table, i exit the room fine however.... the scene stays at the table..also id like to know where in the game it 'saves' the game.. i see NO save folder anywhere or anything that resembles said folder.. other than that its been 'ok'..
By darrell
You shouldn't have downloaded a PIRATED version!lol
Thers nothing wrong when you actually buy the game.
I`m the Govenor of Texas....
By punisher79
the main bug I detected was when you are playing a tournament with more than just a table.
normally, whenever a player of you table is nedded to fill an empty place on another table, the game picks the first one on the left of the card dealer, on the low-left side of the screen.
so it happens that if it's just that player the winner of the hand, he "moves to another table" leaving his fishes on the table. this leads to a "break" of the tournament.
all you can do about is retire from it... (sorry for my poor english)
By the gini
This game sucks big time with all of the bugs.
By governor of bs!
Has anybody gotten the comeback award? I've been in a "needs chips situation" and won the tournament (and cash games) but received no comeback award.

Big laydown award is stuck at 7. Anybody gotten past 7?

Unyielding player award does not work after beating many players "on Fire". Anybody gotten this award?

Boiler award is stuck at 1. Nobody has tilted or gotten steamy since it reached 1. Not even other players getting each other ticked off.

Finally, there is no way to play a 48 player tournament for the "Tournament Player Award" once it reaches 80. Anybody know how to get into a 48 player tournament after the initial couple are played?

Very annoying when there is no way to get these awards or you do what's required and still don't get the award.

Anybody know if a bug fix update was ever issued?
By the governor
Seriously, I play this game an...]Normal?
Cuz I'm so Upset With This ...]Undefined Problem Goes on and on.. I am...
By 3rd party
My only problem is This Undefined Place.. I Encounter this much.. i dont care the Bug in the hats and so on .. Cuz that Undefined Problem Get me upset ..When ur so Far at playing a Game and it suddenly deletes all... Is there anything we can do with this Problem?
By user587625
I became the governor three times. However, every time I become the governor and get to the top of the list, it says "undefined" as my name and location. I cannot organize a tournament for 40 players in Dallas. I have a pirate version, though, yet have the same bugs as in the official version.
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