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im stuck, i need a bomber egg for g...

im stuck, i need a bomber egg for getting the sword of galahad but i dont have a bomber egg i think i used it already, when i went back the the moo hatchery there wasnt one there. so how do i get into the sewers or where can i get another bomber egg or something?

By lemondrop
Hi Cariona,
You might not like this answer...once you use one of the specialty eggs in the game before hatching a pet at Moo Hatchery that hatches that type of egg, it's gone. You'll have to start a new game or go back to a saved game before you used the bomber egg and replay the game.
By nilecrystal
i have a little different problem. i DO have a bomber egg yet i can't blow up the gate. it's not interacting!!!

please please help
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