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AARGH! I think this game has a bug....

AARGH! I think this game has a bug. I found the merchant lying in front of the caves after his card to get through the merchant pass was stolen. (A woman in Thais told me he'd be there) I went in, easily killed the four or so total rogues there were, rummaged through the corpses and nada. No pass. I've gone back in and out, re-checked every nook and cranny to see if I missed a room, still nada. I saw the door with the card reader, and could see a couple rooms with thieves that I couldn't access, but nothing else. I'm ready to cry...

By lemondrop
You should be able to access the room w/the thieves. They have the pass. There are maps at the end of the walkthrough that may help you.
By phoenix
check the dead merchants body. youll get the pass.
By goldenroya
Once inside the cave, go north and east. Make sure Stella knows how to heal (lots, you'll need it), get everyone up to top health, and equip the best weapons you've got. Just keep going north and east until you run into the group of six. They'll have the pass.
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